Get Your College Student a VAIO Laptop Today!

Designed for the business professional, or a student who’s simply in the mood for a tablet with the features of a laptop in mind, VAIO introduces two marvelous notebooks that you just have to check out for yourself.

VAIO, a well-known and respected brand, announced two notebooks that you can carry with you on the go without the sake of compromising the material that you bring with you.

“Business professionals need long battery life and portability without sacrificing power or performance, so they can work on the go without slowing down,” said Ryosuke Akahane, Executive Vice President of VAIO Corporation. “We delivered just that, essentially going back to what VAIO has been known for; performance-oriented notebooks with an exceptional user experience so business professionals can take their office environment with them all day long.”


First up there is VAIO’s new flagship line, the VAIO Z, which is a tablet-clamshell notebook that’s two-in-one shape is built to take you from the office, anywhere. With up to 11 hours and 30 minutes of battery life on the tablet model and 15 hours and 30 minutes on its clamshell, you can always expect high performance out of the VAIO Z thanks to its 28W Skylake processor and its even better quality build.

With an aluminum chassis and UD carbon to provide stability and durability, you also get refined details components such as a touchpad that uses a stone by the name of mica to give you the best feel while clicking on the touchpad. When in tablet mode, the VAIO Z has a 13.3″ WQHD display, while the clamshell model comes with the same 13.3″ WQHD display or can also be a 13.3″ full HD display. Nice to have options, right?


How is it possible to adjust the models? With the new rotating screen mechanism, you can easily adjust from taking notes in the classroom courtesy of the pressure-sensitive digitizer stylus to typing them up later that evening, the VAIO Z is what you need.  Also, coming with an eight-megapixel high-resolution camera, and CamScanner application, you can easily scan and share documents and images.


The second of the two models is the VAIO S. With a full HD 13.3-inch display, the VAIO S is a machine made of molded magnesium alloy that is not only durable but easily last you years without feeling dated. With components like RGB Output, HDMI Output, LAN connectivity, and THREE USB 3.0 ports, you won’t have to search on Amazon for USB Hubs or added accessories to charge or use more than one device at a time.

What’s more, since the keyboard on the VAIO S is ergonomic due to its automatic tilt, one thing that the VAIO S has that is also included in the VAIO Z is its keys that are made for quiet typing. If you’d like a bit more out of your S-Model VAIO, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve included Microsoft’s Signature Edition software that frees you from bloatware you know you won’t need, which gives you the experience you want without the additives.

The VAIO Z clamshell sells for $1499, while the flip model is $1799. The VAIO S is noticeably cheaper at $1099, and you can them through VAIO online

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