Lenovo Brings Thoughtful and Interesting Designs to New IdeaPad Chromebooks

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Chromebooks have been through many iterations since they first appeared. What was once a glorified web browser in computer form has emerged as a much more full-featured computing device with a number of variations depending on your needs. Lenovo has two new Chromebooks that break the mold, with a 2-in-1 device as well as a detachable tablet/laptop hybrid!

Lenovo Brings Thoughtful and Interesting Designs to New IdeaPad Chromebooks

The Flex 5 Chromebook is a 2-in-1 with a few features that make it stand out in a field of similar devices. It offers stylus support, user-facing speakers, and a water-resistant keyboard. Considering that Chromebooks tend to be aimed at education and the younger computing set, that’s a pretty smart feature to include! It also clocks in at 2.9 pounds (so not too hefty), and at only $359.99, it’s not a big hit to your budget either. Look for it in June 2020.

Lenovo Brings Thoughtful and Interesting Designs to New IdeaPad Chromebooks

Then there’s the IdeaPad Duet Chromebook, which is a little more outside the box. It’s a 10.1 screen with a detachable keyboard, so it’s sort of a tablet, sort of a Chromebook type device. Like if the Surface Pro line and a Chromebook eloped together. The keyboard has a trackpad, and there’s an optional stylus as well. It might not be for everyone, but as a “better than a tablet, not quite a laptop” device, it sounds like the perfect mix! IdeaPad Duet will start at $279.99 and be out in May 2020.

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