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Cables that charge and sync our mobile devices are a must. Unfortunately, the cables most companies include with their devices tend to be rather delicate; that’s where Ventev comes in. Ventev offers a number of different cables that can meet all your mobile needs. They get the job done and will last for a good long time. Here are just a few.


First up lets look at a few cables that are designed to work with the growing number of devices using the new USB C standard. The USB C standard allows for fast charging and is fully reversible. That means less hassle and faster charging on the go.


The Wallport r1300 charger with type c-c cable

If you want a good cable and a wall adapter that will get your device filled up quickly you will want to check out the Ventev wallport r1300. This cable and wall adapter combo is just $34.99 and will give you everything you need to get and stay connected. It is compatible with the newest C devices and features a single Type C output.


The wall adapter has folding AC prongs so you can fold in the prongs and throw it in your gear bag without worrying the prongs will get bent or scratch other devices inside. It offers 15W (5V, 3A) so you will get your fill and be on your way in no time. It even includes a USB C to USB C cable so there’s nothing else to buy.



  • charges USB C mobile devices
  • convenient charging from any standard C port to C device
  • supports rapid rate charging up to 15W (5V, 3A)

As Ventev notes, this $34.99 accessory, “will keep your device powered up.”


Chargesync c-c 2.0 cables – 3.3’

If you don’t need an extra wall adapter, you can simply buy the Ventev C-C 2.0 connector for $24.99. This cable is designed to work with the newest C devices. It is a flat cable that is tangle-free and its well made and durable. (Trust me, I’ve tried to get these cables into a tangled mess and they weren’t having any part in that! Designed for both charging and data transfers, you will appreciate the simplicity of the reversible C connectors at each end.


The Ventev C-C 2.0 connector features:

  • convenient charging from any standard C port to C device
  • transfer data, music, and video files from one C device to another
  • flat cable design for easy, tangle-free wrapping
  • supports rapid rate charging up to 3A

At $24.99 there are cheaper cables but this cable is one you can rely upon for years to come.

Chargesync a-c 2.0 cables – 3.3 ft.

If you need a cable that does USB to USB C rather than one with USB C on both ends you will want to check out Ventev’s flat, tangle-free A-C 2.0 connector cables. These $19.99 cables are optimized for use with a mobile device and can charge devices at up to 3A while also transferring data. as well as support the new C connector devices.



  • convenient charging from any standard A port to a C port enabled device
  • supports rapid rate charging up to 3A
  • flat cable design for easy, tangle-free wrapping
  • slim over mold designed to work with most cases


If you need to charge your USB C-sporting device using a traditional wall adapter or need to connect it to most computers this is the cable for you.



Chargesync alloy Apple Lightning Cables – 4 ft

Apple is still relying on their own proprietary Lightning connector. And, considering the fact that they just pulled the headphone jack from the new iPhones and are relying on the Lightning connector for charging, syncing and wired audio, I don’t see them leaving this connection behind any time soon. But fear not! Ventev has a fantastic USB to Lightning connector cable for you and it is just $29.99. If you have had multiple Apple cables fail on you the way I have you won’t think that pricing is unreasonable. For that you get Ventev’s 4ft alloy Lightning cable.


It features an ultra-sleek brushed aluminum housing and is braided with a high tensile wrap. This provides a premium finish, ‘no-fray’ durability and a cable that won’t become a mess of knots. Its even available in 8 colors.


As Ventev notes:

These chargesync alloy cables are the critical link between your mobile devices and the power and data you depend on every day.


  • brushed aluminium housing
  • high tensile wrap provides a
  • premium finish and “no fray” durability
  • Velcro cable wrap included

USB charginghub rq600

Finally there is the charging hub designed to make good use of all these awesome Ventev cables. The Ventev USB charginghub rq600 charges in devices at once. Five of the USB ports share 8.0A and one of them features a dedicated Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port. This port provides 75% faster charging when used with a compatible Android device. And since it can charge six devices at once, the auto-detect technology built into it will come in handy and let you feel confident that your devices are safe as they get their juice. Best of all, the hub is just $49.99



  • A dedicated Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port 75% faster charging for compatible devices
  • charges up to six (6) devices
  • auto detect technology on every port
  • configured to lay flat or standup detachable 5ft power cord


It is a great charger and, when using cables that end in a traditional USB port, means you need only cary one charger to keep your entire family’s devices ready to go.


Ventev burst on the scene as its own brand a few years ago and has continually impressed me. Their products aren’t fancy. They aren’t budget accessories either. But they aren’t cheap. No, Ventev charges a fair price for mobile accessories that get the job done and get the job done well. I’m a fan.

Source: Manufacturer supplies review samples

What I Like: Well made; Affordable for the quality you get; A good assortment of accessories available

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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