Take Your Media Everywhere You Go with Plex Cloud

If you haven’t heard of a little company by the name of Plex, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The popular media player and server announced today a service that will make sure you are never without your favorite music, movies, and photos again.


Announced today, Plex introduced Plex Cloud, and its name says everything. Currently in a private beta, the $60 service will essentially give the user UNLIMITED storage courtesy of Amazon’s web services. So all of those family photos and home movies, you can now have them on every device, from your Google Chromecast to your Xbox One, even your smartphone if compatible.

Currently I am hosting everything off of a Western Digital hard drive, and in order to watch it from my Plex account, I have to have the hard drive on 24/7. So now I’ll have sound peace of mind knowing that if the power ever goes out, or my hard drive dies, I have media backed up to the cloud and it will never get lost. Prior with Plex you needed an always-on computer or NAS which means I can do away with the wires and extra endless boxes and stream ANYWHERE.


One thing I wish I could do is link to my Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive, but to be completely honest I feel as though I’m already paying a lot for those services. But for $60 a year, and UNLIMITED storage, I might be cancelling those “other guys” for this one-two punch of a deal that Plex is offering up. Not having to deal with upload bandwidth and data caps is a thing of the past with the Plex Cloud.

While space is very limited, you can actually still sign up for the beta, and for more information you can head over to Plex today!

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