Defeat Excessive Roaming Charges While Traveling with This Hotspot

If you are a frequent traveler, you know that roaming can get to be pretty pricey. And a popular cellular data roaming company by the name of KnowRoaming wants to look out for you with their new hotspot!


KnowRoaming actually offers mobile service without charging you a small fortune in the process, which is great for the traveler who wants to enjoy a truly unlimited data experience in over 90 different countries all with just the flip of a switch. The Global Hotspot by KnowRoaming will actually be great for the business traveler and their companies who need to host reliable service to a group heading overseas and do not want to suffer from a pricey hotel connectivity bill, or go the way of paying per-day for on-location Internet access. The Hotspot itself boasts some incredible features like the ability to last 20 hours without charging (on top of being connectable to up to fifteen different devices), and if you’re on the go, it will also serve as a portable battery chargers to your devices!

Described by KnowRoaming’s CEO Gregory Gundelfinger:

“The reality is business happens everywhere and people need instant connectivity on all their devices. We’re thrilled to say our Global Hotspot provides fast, secure, and reliable data around the globe from top-tier networks.”

But don’t let his words just be your only reason to choose the Global Hotspot, the fact that KnowRoaming will only cost a flat rate of $7.99 a day is cheaper than the hotel that you’re staying in while being much faster, and its giving you UNLIMITED data that you can even manage, using your KnowRoaming account that comes included. Why wouldn’t you want to pay for lower rates while getting better service? The answer is simple: you know you’re paying too much for roaming, so KnowRoaming is the clear winner when it comes to global traveling and connectivity.

For more information about the KnowRoaming head over to KnowRoaming today!

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