Moshi’s Line of iPhone 7 Cases Are My Favorites

Now that you have that new iPhone 7, you probably need a case for it right? Sounds like you need to check out Moshi’s newest line of cases for Apple’s latest flagship device.


I’ve had the opportunity to check out Moshi’s Armour and Moshi’s Overture cases and they are seriously a sight to behold. I currently (still) have my Moshi VersaCover case on my iPad Pro, so it’s only right I put it the brand on my 256GB Matte Black 7 Plus.

The first, and my personal favorite, is the Armour case. I received the black model which compliments the matte black perfectly, and I’m absolutely certain it will look just as good on your Jet Black iPhone as well. Made of metal the Armour certainly makes a case for its name as it hugs the iPhone 7 closely without being overly bulky. The front of the case actually has a raised lip which will protect from drops up to a certain distance.


But one thing that stands out is the attention to detail. The volume button rocker is all one piece which I thought is pretty neat and makes the case actually look like it’s a part of the phone, and makes me think that Apple should’ve made the iPhone buttons look like this instead of separating the up and down buttons. The back of the case is made of diamond-cut aluminium which after using every day for two weeks has YET to show any scratches or wear and tear. If there’s one thing I dislike a bit about the Armour case is the cutout for the Apple Logo. Now I’m all for showing off my new phone, but the opening actually makes the phone itself prone to scratches, and if you have the jet black… that’s something you would not like at all. Other than that, the Armour is a GREAT case that has perfect cutouts for the mute rocker, speaker grills, and even the back camera looks fluid. You can purchase the Armour Case here.


The second case, the Overture is a premium vegan leather folio case that not only protects the front and back of your phone but can also carry your cards as well. the inside of the case features a shell to sit your phone in that cover all of the buttons on your iPhone 7. There are three individual slots that allow you to carry your ID and credit cards, however you see fit. You can fit up to four cards, but I’ve been able to stretch it to six with minimal effort. Moshi even went to lengths as to integrate a Neato cleaning pad that you can use to clean your phone from the inevitable fingerprint.

I’ve yet to break in the leather of my Overture case, but I’m sure once the leather has broken in, it will be just as aged and beautiful as your typical genuine leather case. Like most folio cases, though, taking photos is a two-handed job which poses to be a challenge if you’re hanging with friends and need that quick Snapchat. Other than that, the Overture is top of the line in terms of folio cases, and at only $49.95, that’s certainly a price you can’t beat.

You can actually check out both Moshi cases, as well as other models for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus over at their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: The Armour is hands down the best case I’ve tried for the iPhone 7 model so far. Cutouts are spot on and the case is SUPER thin

What Needs Improvement: The cutout for the Apple Logo is nice, but not really my style

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