Moodz Concept iPhone 7 Plus Python Case: The Epitome of Custom, Hand-Made Luxury


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Ali Yildirim, the genius behind Beyza Cases (named for his daughter Beyza), has started a new luxury company that blows away and then elevates anything I have ever seen offered for iPhones. Moodz Concept makes covetable and personalized custom, hand-crafted iPhone 6 and 7 cases that look and feel like nothing else available.


The snake logo on my python case is solid 14K gold.

So to back up for just a moment; I’m on Instagram and along with travel, art, and family, many of the pictures I post are of items that I’m in the process of reviewing. As a result, I get followed by companies fairly regularly. Moodz Design is one of the accounts that started following me a while ago. When I saw the cases they were posting pictures of, I readily followed them back. I had no idea at first that it was Ali, someone I actually had met and had worked with in the past, all I knew was that the pictures of their iPhone cases made from alligator and other exotic skins were gorgeous and special.

One day, I saw a picture of Ali mixed in with the cases, and everything clicked. These accessories were phenomenal, and I actually knew the guy making them! Ali eventually offered to send me one of his iPhone 7 Plus python cases, and I readily accepted.

I knew that Ali had sold Beyza Cases not too long ago, and I guess that I was surprised he had gone right back to work again in a similar field.

After I sold the Beyza Cases, I was planning to do nothing, but I could not stop myself! I started to make these cases as a kind of hobby, but when I saw the results and reactions from my clients, I decided to go for it. Now we are designing new products to announce very soon. – Ali Yildirim

When I opened the Moodz Concept package, it was obvious that the item inside was going to be something special. I actually gasped when I opened the package!

Ali let me know that my case was made of “genuine front cut hand painted python skin decorated with a solid 14K snake logo designed by us.” Whoa.

All of the skins used by Moodz Concept are CITES certified; CITES is the acronym for  the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and it is an international agreement between governments aimed at ensuring that “international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.”

Moodz Concept uses skins from Crocodile, Alligator, Lizard, Shark, Ostrich, etc. They only choose the “best parts of the skins for [their] products.” I believe it!

Let’s take a look at the case I received. Here it is on my jet black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. As you can see, there is a bit of a rim created around the phone’s screen, which helps protect it when the iPhone is laid face-down.


All of the corners are protected, and there are cutouts on the left side for the mute and volume buttons.


At the top of the phone, the case dips low while still protecting the edge.


On the right side, there is a cutout for the power button.


On the bottom,there is still edge protection for the back, but the bottom is left open so that there is no problem using aftermarket cables or most docks.


The python skin used for my case is exquisite. The texture and feel are luxe, and while I was worried about the skin lifting up and maybe rubbing off with use over time, that has not been an issue. I’ve never been a huge fan of snakeskin when used on shoes or purses, but this case has won me over — it is beautiful, and it feels wonderful in my hand. Best of all, it adds hardly any weight or bulk to my iPhone 7 Plus.

Moodz Concept cases usually have a modified “M” logo, but for some of their python cases, they go with a 14K snake logo. Many of the Moodz Concept cases on their Instagram have solid gold initials, so if that is something you are interested in they can obviously do it.


Ali mentioned that they will have a full website for viewing their products up around the end of the year, but for now they are accepting orders through their Instagram page; simply send them a DM, and they will work with you to create your dream case.

Interestingly enough, Ali’s daughter Beyza is handling this, “answering all kinds of questions and demands over WhatsApp” (User +44 7572 383331).

I asked Ali about their retail prices, as none are listed on the various Instagram photos. He sent me these (all prices are USD):

For iPhone 6/6S  & iPhone 7
• Python – $190
• Python** – $285
• Crocodile – $395
• Lizard – $210
• Ostrich – $210

For iPhone 6/6S Plus & iPhone 7 Pro
• Python – $205
• Python ** – $295
• Crocodile – $425
• Lizard – $245
• Ostrich – $245

·       All of our Exotic skins are “CITES” certified

·       All our Products Decorated with 14K Solid Gold Moodz Logo

·       Python **  Front Cut Hand Painted Python Skin Decorated with 14K Solid Gold Python Logo

He also mentioned that they will be adding shark skin and some other skins soon.

Take a moment and look at the Moodz Concept Instagram page; their cases are simply the loveliest iPhone designs I’ve yet seen. My case has traveled with me, been put in my pocket, been stowed in my bag, and held constantly in my hand, and it only seems to have grown lovelier with use. Here are some examples of their other cases designs …

Lizard skin with the 14K Moodz logo

Python with the 14K Moodz logo

Crocodile with the 14K Moodz logo

Crocodile with 14K initials

More examples of their Python cases with the solid gold snake logo

If you are looking for a luxurious, exotic, unique, hand-crafted and yet protective case for your iPhone, Moodz Concept has it. This is my favorite iPhone case ever, and even though I know I will have to review other cases, this is the one that will always wind up back on my iPhone 7 Plus: I am in awe of it.

Moodz Concept iPhone 6 and 7 cases retail for $190 to $425, and they are available for order through a DM on their Instagram page, or you can email them directly.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Handmade, bespoke, cases made from exotic skins that are CITES certified; Perfectly fits the iPhone without adding bulk or weight; Corner, side, and back protection with edge protection around the screen; Feel and looks amazing; The solid 14K logos and monograms are unique to these cases; No one will have the same case as you

What Needs Improvement: They are expensive, as is to be expected with a custom exotic skin case

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