The Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch: Classically Inspired Fitness Tracking

I’ve been wearing a Misfit Ray, and while it’s one of the prettiest and useful fitness trackers I’ve worn, I still wear a watch because I’m old-fashioned and like to wear one. With the introduction of the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch, I can have a fashionable analog watch combined with the Misfit technology I’ve come to appreciate.


The Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch “tracks steps, distance, and sleep duration and quality using a 3-axis accelerometer and Misfit’s rigorously validated algorithms and scientific library.” Subtle notifications and feedback are shown on the watch face, where you can view “activity, alarm and notification data using an interplay of the watch hands, a small color window, and vibration alerts. Text, call, app notifications, and movement reminders are discreetly delivered straight to a user’s wrist.”


Misfit Phase automatically updates to reflect current time zone, and, like other Misfit products, features 6-month battery life, 50 meters water resistance, and modular design.

The Misfit Phase has a polished stainless steel body shrouded by rugged satin aluminum. Its 20mm lugs allow you to use any 20mm field-band, including Misfit-designed straps.


The Phase uses a non-charging replaceable battery that will last for up to 6 months, and you can swim in it!


Through my use with the Misfit Ray, I have come to appreciate the Misfit app, and it will (of course) work with the new Phase. But that’s not all! You can also use the Phase to control your music, take pictures with your phone, and interact with smart home devices.


There are six different Misfit Phase color options; the hybrid watch starts at$175, and it is available now from Misfit.

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