Jackery Power Pro Portable Energy Hub on Kickstarter: Ready for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

I’ve reviewed several Jackery devices in the past; they have been excellently made, and I am still using them. Jackery has a Kickstarter campaign going on now for their most ambitious device yet — the Jackery Power Pro, a 578Wh Solar Ready Outdoor Generator.


578Wh of energy is power enough to charge many items, including a “TV, mini, refrigerator, drones, laptops, mobile phones, speakers, lights, or power tools, while outdoors, off the grid, and in emergency disaster situations.” Pretty cool, right?

Their goal is to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to “finish development and produce the first commercial batch of Jackery Power Pro.”

No other portable energy storage solution on the market today in the same class can deliver as much wattage hours as the Power Pro. With 578Wh of energy, the Jackery Power Pro can charge a smartphone up to 45 times, a 12V/ 5W lamp up to 100+ hours, or power a mini-refrigerator for up to 10 hours and an LCD TV for up to 4 hours. It features 110V AC and 12V DC output ports, 12V cigarette lighter DC output port, 2 12V 6mm output ports, 2 USB 5V 2.1A output ports, and even a bright & powerful LED light that can be used to illuminate areas at night.

It takes 6 hours to charge the lithium-ion battery in the Power Pro using the AC plug, and about 7 hours to charge it using the optional solar panel. An LCD screen displays real-time status of the remaining charges left.

The Power Pro weighs 12 pounds, which is much less than most other power generators; you can easily bring it along when camping, tailgating, or during other outdoor activities. It is also the perfect solution when your home is caught in an emergency power outage, and you need to stay connected.


The Jackery Power Pro campaign just opened, and they are already at $11,950 of their $50K goal. There are still quite a few early bird slots left at $375 with free US & Canada shipping; the retail price will be $799, assuming they meet their funding goal. If you want one with the optional solar panel, the early bird price is $675; the retail price will be $1398.


Be ready for the next power outage, and have a portable generator that you can bring just about anywhere! Check out the Jackery Power Pro on Kickstarter.

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