ZTE’s New Smartphone Is Affordable, Ergonomic, and Comes with Premium Features

With the holidays coming up, many people are looking for a great budget phone with premium features, and if that includes you, there’s a popular brand (and Gear Diary favorite) that you might need to check out.


ZTE is known for putting flagship phones with flagship phone features without sending you red flags when you check out the prices. So it’s no surprise ZTE continues that with their new Grand X 4 smartphone, which is exclusively available for Cricket Wireless. ZTE is the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the US, and second largest in the no-contract market which goes without saying in terms of the Grand X 4, which will be available starting this Friday, November 18th. The phone features some great specs suck as a 5.5-inch HD display sporting 3.0 gorilla glass, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4 GHz quad-core processor on top of a 3,140mAh battery… one feature I’m excited to get to try out is the sweet fingerprint sensor that isn’t just for unlocking your phone, but you can also take your photos and answer calls using the same ergonomically placed sensor.

Speaking of taking photos, the Grand X 4 has a 13MP rear camera that captures 1080p video quality, and the 5mp wide-angle front camera will make sure those Snapchat selfies are blurry. All of these features for a very affordable price of $129.99? Why wouldn’t you want to check out what ZTE has to offer?

For more information about the Grand X 4, you can head over to ZTE’s website today.

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