Gear Diary’s Biggest Ever Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are shopping for the holidays but need a few ideas for gifts to purchase, we are here to help! In this, our biggest gift guide ever, we’ve included 55 gadgets for you to check out— take a look!


lgv20pairtmo-660x5441. LG V20 Smartphone — The first Android device to feature the newest Nougat update, the 5.7-inch device features a dual 16-megapixel rear camera to give you amazing video recording. Lg’s update to the LG V10 also come with a removable battery, and can be expanded to up to 256gb. $799.99

jbl_awarec_composite_frontback_blk_lightning_connector_updated2. JBL Reflect Aware In-Ear Headphones — A personal favorite of mine for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, the Reflect Aware are a GREAT pair of earphones to not only work out in, but they are great to just wear out and about. With noise-cancellation and a great app, this is the best an iPhone 7 user can get for in-ear headphones. Featuring Adaptive Noise Control, these headphones connect to Apple Devices with its lightning connector.  $199.95

jlab3. JLab Flex Dj Headphones — Made for the audiophile in mind, the JLab Flex headphones feature active noise cancellation and come pre-charged with over 60 full hours of battery life. $69.99

sine_3q_product_0_3_04. Audeeze Sine Planar Headphones — An over-ear headphone that is perfect for anyone in your family this holiday that swears by Beats By Dre, and you want to show them what music should really sound like if you’re going to pay over $200. Super lightweight, these planar magnetic headphones are a must have for any audiophile. $449.00

me05_brass_onside5. Master & Dynamic ME05 in-Ear Headphones – I’m a huge fan of Master & Dynamic, for not only the build quality of their products but for the sound. Available in a few color options, the ME05s have a fit that not only feel comfortable in your ear, but the smooth crisp sounds of your tunes will be perfect for any audiophile for the holidays. The brass earphones not only are tangle resistant, sporting in-line controls and silicone ear times, these earphones are great for any commute.

triple-driver-in-ear-headphones26. 1More’s Triple Driver Headphones – 1More as a company never disappoints when it comes to their products. I had the opportunity to review their Triple Driver in-ear headphones, and I LOVE them. They are a great set of headphones for the casual audio listener who wants to a bit more from their listening experience without paying too much. The award-winning headphones sport an ergonomic design that will sit comfortably in any ear.

1451323322000_12107987. Parrot Zik 3 Headphones — The Parrot Zik 3’s are not only the best pair of Bluetooth headphones I’ve put over my ears in 2016, but they sound awesome, they look awesome, and you’ll be the envy of your friends as they come in various colors. With smart touch on the headphones, there are no physical buttons necessary, but you can easily listen for up to 18 hours with the flight mode option, or control your listening experience with Parrots very own app. $399.99

23-50-01742-cc84baf451043d312eaf789977d8eeb08. HiFiman’s HE400S Planar Headphones – My first venture into the Planar Headphone world was with HiFiMAn’s HE400S headphones, and I still use them to this day. At $299 they aren’t super expensive, but they are kind of large, but perfect for someone who aspires to be a DJ or simply wants to tune out the Christmas carols this year. $299

1165_44259. Raumfeld’s One S WiFi Speaker — The small speaker packs a huge sound and when combined with a pretty awesome app, you can easily listen to all of your music in a bold sound, or combine with another Raumfeld to go multi-room. Perfect for a holiday party. $199


10. Tile Mate – After reviewing the Tile Mate a few months back, I still use it every single day. The keyring companion solves a first world problem a lot of us clumsy folks have: losing things. The best-selling Bluetooth tracker on the market is 25% smaller than the original Tile and can ring your phone, as well as be found by GPS. $25 each or 4 for $70

ibtplw5_new_2-941-jpg-450x400_q8511. iHome iPLWBT5 Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock with Apple Watch Charger & Lightning Dock – Everybody should have a nice Bluetooth speaker in their home, why not make it an iHome Bluetooth that doubles as an alarm clock that not only tells you when to wake up, but can actually charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch as you sleep for you to get ready for the day. It’s the first alarm clock on the market to actually feature a built-in Apple Watch charger directly. No more needing a third-party dock and cluttering your space.$129.99


11. iHome iSP6 SmartPlug – Compatible with Amazon, Wink, Nest and HomeKit, the iSP6 actually will let you control any appliance in your home from anywhere in the world from the iHome Control App. $39.99isp8_bundle-jpg-450x400_q85

12. iHome iSP8 SmartPlug with Power Monitoring & Remote Control — Similar with the iSP6, the latest model of the Smartplug actually can control any small appliance up to 1800 watts. So if you have a fan or heater, you can easily watch their energy consumption through iHome’s app, or while at home by using the included hands-free remote control that comes included. This works with popular brands like HomeKit, Alex and Nest. $49.99


13. Elgato Eve Room for HomeKit – The Elgato Eve Room has been a favorite of mine for the past year, being one of the first Apple HomeKit products I’ve ever owned. It’s simple to use only needing batteries to operate, the Eve Room can tell you the temperature, air quality and more of the surrounding room by simply checking the app, a perfect gift for a family member who’s worried about allergens and other elements in their home.


14. Western Digital’s My Passport — Starting at $79.99 for a 1 TB hard drive (with storage available up to 4 TBs), the My passport hard drive honestly is the best you’ll find on the market. Not only is ultra-portable, but the price is right as well. I carry this with me personally every day to work, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Starting at $79.99


15. Plex — I use Plex almost every single day. It’s not just “gear” for me, it’s a way of watching movies, television shows and more. The interface is great and the latest addition, Plex Cloud will keep your unlimited storage secure courtesy of a teaming with Amazon Drive. Now anywhere you go, have all of your Media with you with Plex! Monthly – $4.99 or $39.99 for the year


16. Tablo for Xbox One — Tablo recently announced that they would be bringing their popular over-the-air DVR system to the Xbox One, and if you plan on buying an Xbox One this Black Friday, Tablo is the first app you need to install on it. Being able to broadcast ABC, CBS, and NBC, you can watch those Christmas games, or even Home Alone for the 42nd time when it comes on (which it will). Tablo App is FREE.


17. Poros Birch Weekender Duffle — With the holidays in full swing, you’ll need a bag to carry your things in on that trip home to see the parents, and why not the Poros Birch Weekender? I use my Poros bag for every trip, and you too can hit the road with the bag made of durable ballistic nylon and brushed metal. $269


18. Moshi’s Armour iPhone 7 Smartphone Case — Currently out of stock, the Armour case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the ONLY case that stays on my Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus. It’s slender but extremely details casing, the look and feel, the buttons, everything about the case feels like you’re holding a naked iPhone. And if you’re into having the Apple logo exposed, that’s there for you as well.


19. Moshi’s Mythro Air — Moshi’s lightweight Bluetooth headphones are just a testament to all of the great products that Moshi puts out and that’s no different with the Mythro Air. Made of anodized aluminum, the headphones not only have eight hours of battery life but if you have a friend or family member that has a pair, you can use the DJ4two feature that allows you to share music wirelessly with each other. $69.95


20. Native Union Tag Cable — Native Union makes products that the average person thinks to themselves “why didn’t I think of that?”, and the tag cable is one of those products. You can easily tie it to a suitcase, purse or bag, and always make sure that you have a cable with you regardless of where you are. Available in two luxury leather colors, this is a perfect stocking stuffer here.  $49.99


21. Anker Powercore 20100mAh Battery Pack — There are a lot of battery packs on the market with various features and prices, but one that I stand firmly by is Anker. I’ve yet to read a bad Amazon review on an Amazon product, and if you are frequently on the go, Anker will never let you down. It got me through all 34 days of Pokémon Go’s coolness and will get you through that Christmas party on the couch when you can’t find an empty outlet. $39.99


22. iPocket Drive —  This one is strictly for those iPhone users out there who didn’t want to pay the price for a 128GB or 256GB iPhone and decided to settle for the 64GB iPhone just so they could get their Jet Black iPhone before the Christmas holidays. It sucks you’ll have to use an extension in order to get more memory out of your phone, and no you cannot charge and use at the same time. Start at $39.98


23. Finex’s Cast Iron Skillet — This is just overall a damn good skillet. Finex is known for their premium cast iron US made skillets, and the 12″ skillet I received earlier this year, I still use to this day. If you know the work you have to put unto to seasoning and maintaining a cast iron skillet, you’ll appreciate that Finex’s skillet all come hand seasoned the old-fashioned way with natural organic flax-seed oil. This is certainly a gift for all of the cooks out there. $195.00


24. Henge Docks: Gravitas — Made up of zinc alloy, the all in one dock can easily accommodate any of your Apple devices thanks to the swappable inserts that fit anything from the iPad Mini, to the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. If you are an iPhone 6s/6s Plus user, there is a rear 3.5mm aux audio port that will easily let you crank up the tunes at your desk. Gravitas is not yet listed as compatible with the iPhone 7 (although Dan is using it with his) we have no doubt that we will eventually see Apple certification.  $69


25. Henge Docks: Vertical Dock — A fully integrated vertical dock made of metal alloy, the dock will integrate your laptop and desktop, allowing you to have two external displays without compromising desk space. Available for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display ($119), MacBook Pro ($69) MacBook Air ($65) or MacBook ($65) the sturdy dock has a pre-installed MiniDisplayPort, USB 3.0 and TRRS audio extension Cable. $65-119


26. Henge Docks: Horizontal Dock — Just like the vertical model previously mentioned, the Horizontal dock has all of the same similar features, with 13 expansion ports for anything you can imagine from Thunderbolt 2, HDMI, USB 3.0, and even SD Card. For those who love to multi-task, the dock is compatible with three displays. Made of a solid metal chassis, the Horizontal dock will cost you $499.


27. Nintendo NES Classic Edition — The hottest commodity for the retro-geek this year is this, hands down. A Mini version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System Console has been sold out virtually everywhere you can imagine, but if you’re lucky enough to swipe one without going on EBay, this $60 piece of nostalgia comes with 30 8-bit favorites such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and the Legend of Zelda. And unlike the 90’s, this version comes with a less complicated HDMI cable, and buy an additional cable to play with a friend for $10 per controller. $60


28. Withings Thermo — The smart thermometer to beat all thermometers is an ideal stocking stuffer that will have more use over time. Featuring 16 infrared sensors to take heat measurements while finding the hottest point, you can swipe the Thermo across your head all without coming in contact with skin, you will get accurate readings every single time. $100


29. B&O Play BeoPlay H6 — The premium over-ear headphones made by Bang & Olufsen are an awesome corded pair of headphones crafted from genuine leather and aluminum. Available in Black, Champagne Grey or Natural, even DJ Khalid swears by them, and that’s a MAJOR key. $299


30. Phillips Hue Go Light — The battery operated light is not only compatible with the popular Phillips Hue lighting system, but compliments it in such a way that not only looks great in a hallway, but can accent a room without needing to be plugged directly into a wall. $69.99


31. Fitbit Charge 2 — If you’ve been looking for a fitness tracker for that special family member (or a “me” gift), the Charge 2 will monitor your heart rate accurately all while tracking your all-day activity, including how well you sleep thanks to its auto sleep tracking feature. With a five day battery life, you can get text and calendar alerts, and notifications to take a break just to breath and relax. All of this for only $149.95.


32. Google Chromecast — The $35 HDMI dongle is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in your family this holiday season. It will instantly turn a regular tv into much more as you can use services like Netflix, Hula and even HBO to catch your favorite shows in HD quality. And if you like to stream from your computer, that’s a highlighted feature that is great for a traveler who hates the channels in their hotel room (or doesn’t want to pay for those new releases). There’s also the Chromecast Ultra that supports 4k if you’re trying to be a year or two ahead of the rest of us. $35


33. iRobot Roomba 980 — Roomba is a popular brand known for their innovative robot vacuums, and their 980 model allows you to vacuum up all of that dirt and grime in your carpets and hardwood floors all without you having to physically getting off the couch. Just sit back, recline and clean up your home by using the iRobot home app to get entire floor cleaning. Right now for the holidays iRobot is giving it away for $100 off the regular price making it $799.99.


34. Skylight Frame — A perfect gift for a parent, the Skylight frame is a great way to declutter your mom’s house from a hundred different photo frames by giving her one really cool one that can hold hundreds of photos, and can be updated by simply emailing recent photos to it. Between $99-139


35. LG Tone Active+ — Available in an assortment of colors, the LG Tone Active are a pair of horse collar type headphones that not only fit comfortably under a shirt, but are made for the athlete in us all. The sweat-resistant in-ear headphones actually come included with external stereo speakers so if you want a surround sound experience without having them physically in your ear while out on a morning jog, these are the PERFECT headphones for you this holiday season. $179.00


36. Cards Against Humanity — The perfect way to start a holiday party in a humorous way, Cards Against Humanity is a great game for horrible people. The politically incorrect game is an awesome way to get the whole (adult) family involved, and break the social tension around the table. $25


37. PetCube — If you are a pet owner, the Petcube is certainly a camera worth keeping in your home to monitor your four legged friend when you can’t be near them but insist on checking on them. With features like a laser pointer and a nifty app, you and your best friend will never be far apart. $149


38. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge — A perfect gift for a bourbon drinker, the Whiskey Wedge allows you to have a glass of your favorite spirit without it being watered down thanks to its innovative slanted design that only required you to fill it with water and put it in the freezer for a few hours. If you want to be even more creative, add some lime juice in with the water before freezing it for an even tastier beverage.$17.95


39. Logitech Harmony Elite — Chances are you have way too many remotes in your living room. Why not combine them all with one great universal remote that can control your Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Lutron Lights, Roku, Nest and more? The do-it-all remote not only looks great, but can also be used through your smartphone with the companion Harmony app in the app store. Currently on sale you can get the Harmony Elite for $299.99


40. Raden Luggage — If you’re a traveler, you should be checking out the Raden suitcase. Available as a carry-on or a checked piece, both suitcases are made specifically for making your luggage smarter. Featuring weight sensors, you can know exactly how much your luggage will weigh without the guesswork. You can even charge your phone four times over directly from the Raden, perfect if you’re sitting at the terminal with the janky outlets. $295 


41. Visio SmartCast M Series Television — Vizio is known for their smart TV’s featuring integrated apps, and their even better resolutions and a lot of the same with their latest 2016 model SmartCast televisions. Their new Vizio HDR comes with a powerful Android tablet remote that works with Vizio’s smart app that allows you to watch things directly from your Google Cast so you can stream content from your tablet or smartphone directly to your television. With a super sleek new design, the SmartCast is a great new television for your home this season. Starting at $699.


42. Logitech Logi Circle Camera — Logitech’s popular home camera is simply the best home camera that features a rechargeable camera and 24 hour cloud storage so you can easily look back on what’s gone on in your home when you were away. With night vision, and the ability to connect without needing extra hubs, this is perfect if you want a bit more security in your home. $199.99


43. Incase Icon Backpack — This bag does it all. Designed with multiple compartments for organization, the Icon has been my gadget bag for 2016. Not only is the bag super comfortable to wear, but there’s not much you can’t fit in here as it can fit up to a 15.6” laptop, perfect for a MacBook as well as an iPad Pro. Available in five different colors you can get the Icon backpack for $199.95


44. Anker 60W Charger — If you have multiple devices and limited outlets, you need to get yourself Anker’s popular multi-port wall outlet. Able to connect six different USB devices, you can easily charge your iOS or Android devices without taking over every port in your home. $30


45. Roku Premiere — The Roku Premiere is a GREAT streamer that is not only super affordable, but features 4k capabilities so you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu and more. And right now, if you buy a Roku you get a two-month FREE trial of Showtime, Hulu and CBS All Access. Never miss your favorite shows, get yourself the Premiere Roku for less than $100. $79.99


46. Speck Presidio Grip iPhone 7 Case — If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, but looking for a bit more drop protection for your phone, you really need to check out Speck’s Presidio Grip case. W its rigged edges, the update to Specks most popular Candy Shell cases not only went through a name change, but looks great as well by making an already unique design look even more sleek. $39.95


47. Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat — Ecobee’s latest Smart thermostat is one, if not the best thermostat on the market that not only features a wireless remote sensor that you can put on a shelf or a nightstand, but you can actually control your homes temperature through Siri thanks to Apple’s HomeKit integration. $200


48. August Smart Lock — Another HomeKit product, the August Smart Lock allows you to purposely forget your keys at home and using Apple’s “Home” app or by voice with Siri, unlocking your front door is as simple as saying “Siri, unlock my door”. Bada Boom, now you’re in your living room! $229


49. New Mac Candle — Someone in your family request a new MacBook, but you refuse to pay the price for one? What about getting them TwelveSouth’s New Mac Candle that smells exactly like a brand new Apple product. Sure they won’t enjoy not being able to use the new touch bar, but at least their home can smell like it! $24.00


50. Leesa Mattress — Labeled one of the best mattresses on the market, Leesa’s shipped-in-a-box mattresses are available in multiple sizes at an incredible price. What’s a better housewarming gift for a family member than a new bed? And right now Leesa actually has a promotion where you not only get $75 off any mattress, but you will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card as well! Starting at $715 for a Full, you can get a Queen for $815 or King for $915


51. Withings Body Cardio Scale — One of the best cardiovascular scales on the market, the Wi-Fi enabled scale  automatically syncs data gathered from the scale to the Withings app to capture metrics like weight, fat, mass, muscle mass, water and bone mass, all to give you insight for you to take control of your own health. $129.95


52. The Fermata Charging Stand By Twelve South — If you plan on getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones for the holidays, why not get yourself a nice dock to charge them? The Fermata stand is an awesome accessory to put your new pair of cans on display while keeping them charged thanks to an integrated charging cable.


53. Playstation Vue — Tired of paying these cable providers a small fortune every month and looking for a way to cord cut? You need to check out Sony’s newest streaming service, the PS Vue. Now available for Roku and Apple TV, you can stream various channels like AMC, FX, and more, the leading competitor to Sling continues to improve offering now NBA games, HBO and Showtime. Plans for the Playstation Vue start at $29.99 with premium channels being an opt-in additional fee. Plans start at $29.99


54. Sevenhugs hugOne Sleep Monitoring System — The perfect nightstand companion, the hugOne is an accessory to monitor your sleeping patterns. With Nest and Phillips Hue functionalities, the hugOne can help ensure proper sleeping conditions while making sure when you wake up you will feel rejuvenated and fully rested. $179.99

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