Smarten up Your Home with’s SensePeanut

Introducing SensePeanut, the self-described smart intuitive sensors and first of its kind that are made to help connect the user to their home in a unique way.


Created by, an early pioneer of the Internet of Things industry, the SensePeanut is a $29 fleet of smart home products that are designed to connect to your home in an awesome new way. Back in September launched their ThermoPeanut, which allowed you to track the temperature in and around your home even if you were away. Now as of Friday, the company has released their second of three SensePeanuts on the line. This model focuses more specifically on tracking your valuable and prized possessions, so you’ll actually be able to get notifications if your laptop gets left at the coffee shop, or if your bag is suddenly misplaced. One huge upside with the SensePeanut tracker is that it is IFTTT compatible, similar to the ThermoPeanut, so you can create a host of different triggers or “what-if” scenarios.

“With SensePeanuts, we have simplified the promise of connected solutions in a way that consumers of all levels can understand and general and specialty retailers can easily communicate and merchandise,” said Rafi Haladjian, founder and CEO of “By creating a family of products with clearly designated outcomes, we have brought the benefits of the connected life to people without the need for complicated integrated hardware or costly price tags. Now with a SensePeanut and any smartphone or tablet, everyday objects can be given super powers to better allow people to take control of their home and their lives.”

For more information about the SensePeanut you can head over to’s website today.


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