Monster SuperStar HotShot Brings Great Music on the Go

Bluetooth speakers have become quite common and almost like a tool. The SuperStar HotShot by Monster ($49.95) is a super compact speaker with the ability to clip onto a backpack, jacket, or belt. Does a speaker this small still bring sound worth listening to? I was able to review the HotShot and my findings might surprise you. Let’s take a look. 

When I saw the tiny package the Monster SuperStar HotShot came in, I was not confident in what Monster’s smallest speaker could bring. The results surprised me. The speaker only measures 3 1/2″ H x 3″ W x 1 7/8″ D and is super lightweight.


The package comes with a micro USB charging cable and a carabiner so you can clip it on just about anything. I would say the speaker feels a little bit larger than a baseball in the hand.


Connecting the speaker to my phone was super easy. A small switch on the bottom turns the power on. Slide the switch and hold it on the Bluetooth symbol and I was paired in seconds. I actually like having the switch and not a confusing button that takes different presses to pair and power. A 3.5mm analog input is also available if Bluetooth is not an option.


Once paired, I fired up a playlist and let the audio rip. The sound from this small speaker blew me away! The audio range is full with nice highs and deep lows and the volume is enough to fill a room without any distortion issues. I have since clipped the speaker to my gear bag and will bring it on the go daily.


If you want a small, no-nonsense, Bluetooth speaker with an attitude then I think you should give the Monster SuperStar HotShot a look. While the speaker is super lightweight and tiny in size, it brings fantastic sound. I do not understand how Monster gets this much sound out of such a small speaker, but I will be happy enjoying it.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I like: Super-small speaker with really great sound

What could be improved: If this speaker was waterproof, I might carry it with me everywhere I go

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