The FryWall Is a Microwave Cover for Your Stovetop

Have you ever been in the kitchen cooking dinner, and once you’ve finished you looked around your stove top only to see food residue and grime stuck between the stove top and counter, and splattered on the walls? There’s a new product that might eliminate that extra cleaning you need to check out.


One of the hardest thing to do after cleaning is getting up grease stains, and there’s a company by the name of FryWall that wants to be the one brand to put an end to excessive cleaning after cooking your family dinner. FryWall is a splatter guard that virtually eliminates getting popped on the arm by grease popping and possibly burning you. They sent us over a FryWall to try out, and it’s little innovative things like the FryWall that you’d probably see right around now, holiday season and you’d think “why do I possibly need that?”, only to kick yourself not buying when you’re getting popped continuously by bacon grease. We’ve all been there.  The FryWall when in use honestly looks like a Dog Cone for your fry pan, but its use isn’t to stop you as the user from doing what you need to do, which is cook.


Able to hold up to 450 degrees of heat, the FryWall is the stove top accessory that comes in two different sizes, 10-inch and 12-inch, so it’s suitable for various makes of cookware in your home. It comes folded and is dishwasher safe, so even after you have used the FryWall, you can pop it into the dishwasher after collapsing it, and it will clean like any other dish you throw in for a quick rinse.

Now admittedly so, the FryWall does look and sound a bit ridiculous, but if you can manage to get over the collared rim on your pan, it’s an equal tradeoff for not having to physically wipe down your countertops after making yourself turkey bacon in the morning. I did notice that if you plan on using the FryWall for a large round bowl say for chilli, not only will you not be able to cover the pan (obviously), but before you go and insert the ingredients, I suggest gifting up the FryWall to give a bit of room between the bottom of the pan so you can maneuver food around so it will not stick to the base of the fry pan while cooking.

Other than the look of the splatter guards the FryWall has become a kitchen favorite for me, and the fact I can easily fold it and throw it in a drawer once I’m finished not only makes this a great home product for you, but an awesome stocking stuffer for the holidays.

At only $21.95, you can purchase the FryWall directly from their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Keeps food in the pan, not on the stove top

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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