Bellroy’s Notebook Cover Is Perfect for the Everyday Carry Enthusiast

If you are fan of the website Everyday Carry, you may be familiar with the site’s ability to make you want to carry some of the most unusual brands of gadgets and smart accessories that make pocketing more efficient. Bellroy has been featured on the site many times by multiple users and fans for their wallets, but many folks carry both a wallet, as well as a notepad for quick thoughts. Why have to suffer with carrying both, when you can minimize all the while looking stylish?

Bellroy's Notebook Cover Is Perfect for the Everyday Carry Enthusiast

That’s where Bellroy’s Notebook Cover comes into play.  The slim leather wallet is not only my current favorite slim wallet, but it’s also the place I get out my thoughts and tasks courtesy of its notebook feature. Bellroy sent me over the Java-colored leather-bound notebook cover that can not only fit a standard note such as Field Notes (it’s a personal favorite thanks to the unique grids versus lines). Bellroy actually comes pre-loaded with a free Bellroy Notebook that I’m quickly starting to fill up with things I need to pick up from the grocery store, tasks I need to make before the big move that’s coming up, and just general things I’ll need to do for the site. Most people now think that typing it in your notes app in your phone proves to be better. Call me old school, but I’m of the mindset if it’s not written it didn’t happen so, the fact that not only I can write straight from my wallet, but there’s even space for a pen at the seam of the Notebook Cover as well (as long as the pen isn’t overly bulky it will still close properly.

Bellroy's Notebook Cover Is Perfect for the Everyday Carry Enthusiast

But obviously, there’s more to the Notebook cover than note-jotting. You can actually fit between 4-6 cards in this wallet, which will not fall out courtesy of the magnetic closure which stops it from flailing open as you retrieve it from your pocket. I’ve even gone to lengths of sliding my Tile Slim in the back of the wallet portion in the event I do lose it. As far as bills, I’ve been able to fold a few dollars into the back sleeve of the wallet as well with no problem, but if you’re the type to carry say more than 9-10 bills, you’ll notice a significantly different look to your wallet (i.e. bulge).

Bellroy's Notebook Cover Is Perfect for the Everyday Carry Enthusiast

Overall the Notebook Cover has officially become my currently notebook/wallet of choice, and I never would think that I’d carry around what’s essentially a passport cover full-time. But this cover is PERFECT if the form of ID you prefer using is indeed your passport, or if you simply want something that it pretty hard to use considering the fact it can hold a 3.5 x 5.5 notebook (or two passports). At $79.95 it’s not the cheapest notebook/passport cover you’ll find, but Bellroy stands by their product, even offering a three-year warranty in the event anything happens to it, such as stitching comes out, leather gets worn, you name it.

Bellroy's Notebook Cover Is Perfect for the Everyday Carry Enthusiast

For more information on the Notebook Cover by Bellroy, head over to Bellroy today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Leather feels great in hand and the note-jotting is a nice addition

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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