SmartWallit Review – Time to Upgrade Your Billfold

smartwallitSmartWallit is a new gadget that helps you keep track of not only your spending, but also the location of your wallet.  This intelligent accessory has many functions, including a spending log, loss prevention, and a way to find your lost phone or wallet.  You can order the SmartWallit from Amazon for $60 plus shipping.

Everything included in the package.

Everything included in the package.

I was very excited to get my hands on this neat little device and stick it in my wallet.  Unfortunately, the SmartWallit was a little bigger than I thought it would be.  Like 90% of the guys I know, I stick my wallet in my back pocket, and similar to George Costanza from Seinfeld, my wallet is on the thicker side.  Adding the SmartWallit to the inside of my wallet was not something I would be able to do.  It doesn’t look too bad in the photo below, but that’s in an empty wallet.  For me, it was a good thing the SmartWallit has additional uses, other than hanging out in my wallet; however, I’m sure it would work great in one of those large zip-up wallets that are kept in purses.

SmartWallit Review - Time to Upgrade Your Billfold

The SmartWallit connects to your phone using Bluetooth 4.0 for low energy consumption.  It also packs a speaker in order to alert its user, and there is a vibrating motor that can buzz to remind you of its presence at predetermined intervals.  The SmartWallit also has a gyroscope that allows the user to tap the wallet to ignore an alarm.

The SmartWallit itself.

The SmartWallit itself.

One of the more main functions of the SmartWallit is a way to track when and where you opened your wallet and what you spent.  It’s a handy feature, however you have to manually enter the purchase information into the SmartWallit app.  I can’t see myself doing this, unless I was extremely intent on keeping track of every purchase.  This feature works well, though, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

The width of the SmartWallit.

The width of the SmartWallit.

A feature of the SmartWallit that’s very useful is the 2-way loss prevention feature that will let you know when your phone and SmartWallit have been separated.  If you forget your phone, your SmartWallit will alert you; if you forget your SmartWallit, your phone will alert you.  It’s as simple as that.  If you’re afraid of being separated from your luggage at the airport, the SmartWallit will remind you.  If you attach the SmartWallit to your keys, you’ll never leave  your keys behind again!

The main screen of the companion app shows how much battery life is left on your SmartWallit.

The main screen of the companion app shows how much battery life is left on your SmartWallit.

There are additional accessories for the SmartWallit that can be attached to the gadget.  One of these accessories is a strap that will hold your credit cards; it turns the SmartWallit into a smart cardholder, while another accessory turns your SmartWallit into a keychain.  And as I mentioned above, if you use the SmartWallit as a keychain, you’ll never lose the keys again.

A portion of the settings screen where you can decide how you'll use your SmartWallit.

A portion of the settings screen where you can decide how you’ll use your SmartWallit.

Overall, the SmartWallit works as advertised.  It alerts you when your phone and wallet are separated, and it keeps track of when and where your wallet is opened.  My biggest problem with it is that it really does not fit comfortably in a mens wallet.  It would be great for a woman’s zip wallet or to keep in your luggage or on your keys.  There are a lot of options in the companion app, which help in understanding what your SmartWallit can do.

You can purchase the SmartWallit directly from the manufacturer on Amazon.

MSRP: $60

What I like: Alerts you when your SmartWallit and phone are separated; Keeps track of when and where your wallet is opened; Loud speaker makes sure you can hear the alert

What can be improved: Size is a big factor here, it needs to be smaller to fit into a mens wallet

Source: I was a Kickstarter Backer

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