Element Case Wants to Make Sure Your Phone Is in Good Hands

You could use a bit more protection for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, especially in the winter as the elements change, so why not check out the appropriately named Element Cases?

Get a better grip on your Apple iPhone 7 with one of the three new Element Cases:

The Solace LX, the Sector or the Black Ops. All three have a unique look and feel about them as the Solace LX ($129.95) is the tuxedo fit for your iPhone, wrapping your iPhone in premium grade leather in gold, white or black, with an aluminum finish with a Tough-Luxe coating to prevent scratching and corrosion.

Next, there is the Sector ($179.95), which is perfect if you are pretty clumsy with your device, or simply want that added protection while looking bad ass at the same time. Engineered with the same precision as a performance vehicle, the Sector is crafted from aerospace grade carbon fiber. While being lightweight it still manages to be resistant to twisting and bending, perfect if it ends up taking a high impact tumble.

Finally, there’s the Black Ops. The more expensive of the three at $249.95, the Black Ops not only meets military specs for drop-tests, but it’s super tough black type III “Hard anodized” coating comes complete with a no-glare, field ready finish that looks both stealthy and sleek courtesy of the CNC machines G10 and aircraft grade aluminum.

Seems like STM wants to make sure your phone won’t ever suffer a scratch or crack, especially for you Jet Black iPhone users out there suffering from hairline scratches, or those of you terrified of having a completely naked device. STM is well-known for their quality products, and a lot is the same with the three cases designed to give style, as well as protection. For more information about any of the three cases, head over to Element Case today.

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