GeniCan Makes Your Trash Can Smart

We have a system at my house — if you’re the one to finish something (or notice it’s about to be empty), you’re supposed to remember to add the item to our weekly shopping list. I should say try, because it doesn’t always happen. If we had a GeniCan, remembering to add things might no longer be a problem.

GeniCan Makes Your Trash Can Smart

GeniCan provides a solution by capturing your attention while you’re thinking about what you need from the store: at the trash can or recycling bin. By simply scanning an item as it’s being thrown away, or using voice recognition technology to add items without a barcode, users automatically add products to their grocery list. GeniCan has also partnered with Amazon to provide time crunched users with easy, automatic delivery to the office or home.

The GeniCan is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device that attaches to most garbage cans or recycling bins. It “automates the process of creating and updating a grocery list. Through a partnership with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service, GeniCan can also automatically order popular items, like diapers, paper towels, and snacks, once they are thrown away or recycled.”

GeniCan Makes Your Trash Can Smart


When you run out of something, you can scan the item before tossing it or recycling it, which will automatically add it to a shopping list. If the item doesn’t have a bar code, then you can add it to the list by holding that item “in front of GeniCan for a couple of seconds and using voice recognition technology to instruct the device.” So that you don’t accidentally add items, “GeniCan is calibrated to only add items that have been intentionally scanned or added via voice recognition. If an item is simply tossed into the garbage can, it will not be added to the list.”

GeniCan is hands-free, and it works whether your hands are dirty or full. It allows you to update your grocery list right as you are thinking about what you need to purchase, rather than relying on you to remember later. The GeniCan is compatible with Apple and Android right now, but they have future plans to include Windows phones.

The GeniCan will sell for $149.99, but you can pre-order one right now for $25 off.

GeniCan Makes Your Trash Can Smart

Learn more and pre-order yours at the GeniCan site.

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