Bloomlife Takes the Guesswork out of Pregnancy

Bloomlife, a company that designed the first and only wearable for pregnancy announced today at CES that it will have iOS compatibility, and finally coming out of beta, making the product available for expectant parents.

Bloomlife Takes the Guesswork out of Pregnancy

If you are an expecting mother who seeks a bit more information about your body during pregnancy, or just want peace of mind in order to make confident decisions, the Bloomlife promises to provide a clinically-validated second opinion to help you understand what contractions feel like, and for the first time ever track changes in contraction patterns throughout the third trimester to see how your body is preparing for labor. Also, you can share your pregnancy journey with your partner and closest family members while improving the platform through data-driven feedback.

“I learned firsthand that every pregnancy is unique and each baby is on their own timeline,” says Sarah Bylsma, a Bloomlife beta user. “With my third pregnancy, I started having preterm contractions at 25 weeks and was in the hospital three times. Hospital visits are expensive and disruptive, and despite being a neonatal nurse practitioner, and experiences with two previous pregnancies, the contractions were so frequent that I was having trouble deciding when I needed to go in. With Bloomlife I was able to see whether what I was feeling was actually contractions or just uterine irritability, and was able to quickly determine the regularity and frequency. In a time of high stress and anxiety, Bloomlife gave me peace of mind.”

Bloomlife’s smartphone connected sensor will be available for both iOS and Android and you can reserve yourself one today at Bloomlife’s site. Priced at $49, there’s a subscription of $19 per week until the baby’s arrival.

Expected to ship in the first quarter, head over to Bloomlife today for more information

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