Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Plunger Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

Simplehuman is there to make your home functional and simple with their stainless steel toilet brush and plunger.

Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Plunger Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

Who says a bathroom plunger can’t be elegant? After suffering with a gross dollar store plunger for the better part of three years, and after seeing simplehuman’s Toilet Plunger and brush, I stand by them both. The popular company sent over both and they are the best looking thing in my bathroom that the lady who loves me didn’t purchase.

Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Plunger Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

Using a unique magnetic collar, the Toilet Plunger allows the user to be picked up without water dripping all over your floor and bathroom mats.  Unlike the wooden plunger I had previously, the simplehuman version just feels premiere. In terms of actual usage, if you end up with a clogged toilet, this particular plunger is wide enough that when pressing down to get drainage, the pressure flows outward instead of being forced straight down so you don’t end up with water splashing upwards once you’ve released the handle to get water to actually flush. This is something those dollar store brands simple won’t give you. Also, since the handle itself is pretty long, you don’t have to bend down far in order to apply said pressure which is great for any age to use. Mind you there are no fancy bells and whistles like the ability to talk to Siri or Alexa, as it’s just a toilet brush, all the while, little things such as the plunger turning inside out won’t happen. Outside of the functionality of the plunger, you’ll feel comfortable sitting this plunger out beside the toilet instead of stuck beside the toilet paper sitting under the sink as it has its own drip tray that can easily be hand washed to prevent staining and rusting. What more could you want?

Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Plunger Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

And after you’ve finished draining your clogged toilet, chances are you’ll want to clean it right? Well in the caddy beside the plunger should be the toilet brush that you purchased. The crescent-shaped brush head is built to reach those cracks and crevices that you think your guests won’t see when they sit, but will see when they arrive to the porcelain throne. With outer bristles to scrub out those touch stains, you’ll never have to use a hand cloth to try to get the gunk and junk out yourself (gross). Just like the plunger, it comes with a drop-free tray that secures through the magnetic collar. Simplehuman knows that toilet brush heads should be replaced after few used to prevent smells, odor, mold and the like, so the brush heads are removable by just screwing off and back on to replace.

Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Plunger Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

I’m a firm believer in everything simplehuman, and as a result, a lot of products in my home are branded by the company. I’ve received compliments bout the Plunger + Bruch, and if you are looking for a quality bathroom set to keep your throne clean, this is exactly what you need!

For more information about simplehuman’s toilet brush and plunger, head over to simplehuman today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Makes my bathroom look way fancier, but also functions better than cheap wooden & plastic models you’d typically purchase

What Needs Improvement: Brush bristles can be pretty stiff and harsh on the toilet, but they are harsher on stains which is fine by my standards

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