You Can Stop Motion Sickness Just by Wearing This on Your Wrist

Announced today at CES by Reliefband Technologies is the Neurowave, a highly touted, FDA-cleared band that is geared to help those who suffer nausea feel a bit better.

The wearable offers up a drug-free relief from nausea and vomiting caused by morning sickness and motion sickness. If you flew in to Vegas this week, some of you might’ve needed this as well! Priced at $150 the Neurowave is designed to not only be functional for its purpose, but gives a portable option for those of you who travel frequently the ability to travel without fear of having to grab a paper bag at every turn. But the Nuerowave is also great for cruising, roller coasters and even motion sickness from long drives. The technology inside of the Neurowave applies pulses with specific waveforms, frequencies and intensities to sense a nerve on the underside of your wrist to calm down the associated illnesses. Commonly referred to as “Neuromodulation”, this practice uses the body’s natural neural pathways to block waves of nausea produced by the stomach. With over ten intensity settings, you can easily find the precise setting to fit your needs, and with a J-shaped band, you’ll never feel discomfort while wearing.


“For the 60 million Americans who frequently suffer with motion sickness and the nearly 80% of women who experience morning sickness during pregnancy, The Reliefband Neurowave is simply life-changing.” said Nick Spring, CEO, Reliefband Technologies. “The Reliefband Neurowave was developed in response to customers who told us they had given up hope of controlling their nausea. Their lives are greatly impacted by this motion sickness. They avoid any activity or situation that brings on symptoms. We wanted to help those who are sick of feeling sick by making a drug-free device that is easy-to-use and elegant to wear over long periods. This way they can start living their lives without the worry, embarrassment, discomfort and inconvenience nausea can bring.”


For more information on the Neurowave by Reliefband, head over to Relief band’s site today.

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