Smart Sanitizer Wellness Center Combines Hand Sanitizing, UV Sanitizing, and Customer Service!

Even after we’re past the initial public health crisis of Covid-19, it’s likely many of the lessons regarding sanitizing and being aware of how germ-filled our world truly is. Smart Sanitizer Wellness Center is a new concept being introduced at CES, but it wouldn’t shock me if we see them all over the place very soon!

Smart Sanitizer CES 2021

These kiosks aren’t for home use, though I’m sure everyone had moments this past year where a fully stocked sanitizing station sounded amazing! The idea is that Smart Sanitizer Wellness Centers would replace the hasty sanitizer dispensers every business threw up in a hurry in 2020 and/or the temperature station at doctor’s offices and some businesses. The wellness center kiosk has a space to sanitize your hands, the ability to take your temperature via the palm of your hand, and a slot for you to UV sanitize your phone, keys, and other small items. The plan is that businesses can monetize these kiosks by advertising services on the screen while someone’s busy sanitizing.

On the one hand, it’s yet another spot where you’ll be bombarded with ads, but on the other hand, if you’re going to need to have sanitizing stations in businesses anyway, this is a pretty cool concept. I could easily see this becoming standard at a doctor’s office, especially since you could stop on your way out and UV-zap your phone after being in a waiting room or exam room. It seems like the sort of “extra” that would be offered as a concierge item at a hotel…imagine being told, “check-in at this kiosk, and please enjoy this complimentary sanitizing of your personal items while you wait.”

It’s hard to say where we’ll be in a year, since this time last year we were all together at CES! But I also remember all of us sanitizing our hands and being cognizant of germs even without the looming threat of Covid because travel is gross and full of germs. Anything that combines sanitizing hands AND personal effects quickly and simply is definitely worth a visit!

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