TrackR Announced Three New Products Ahead of CES 2017

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TrackR one of the leaders in personal item finders released two products ahead of CES 2017 n Las Vegas. Lets check them out.

TrackR Announced Three New Products Ahead of CES 2017

Unveiled on Monday were two products, the TrackR pixel, and the TrackR Wallet 2.0. The TrackR pixel, which is a smaller, lighter version of the the TrackR Bravo, with the difference being that it comes in nine colors, is cheaper, costing $24.99, and at just 5mm thick, it’s one of the smallest item trackers on the market.

TrackR Announced Three New Products Ahead of CES 2017

The TrackR Wallet 2.0 ($29.99) is hands down one of the thinnest trackers at just 2mm, which is equivalent to about two credit cards. As someone who always misplaces their wallet in a different pair of jeans, the TrackR Wallet 2.0’s new carbon fiber technology will last me a long time- now you can replace the CR2016 batteries on this model.

TrackR Announced Three New Products Ahead of CES 2017

Both of the new TrackR products work with the TrackR Atlas, which is a Bluetooth Wi-Fi wall plug that TrackR is offering now, that allows you to keep tabs on items in your home. Running off of a cloud-based platform, the Atlas creates a floorpan of your home and can detect items tagged with TrackR’s.

All three TrackR Products are available for pre-order as of today, but TrackR Pixel will start shipping in Spring 2017, with the TrackR Wallet shipping later in the Spring. For more information head over to TrackR’s site today.

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