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January 6, 2014 • News

iSmartAlarm Extends Home Security System Product Line


New technologies have made monitoring and automating our homes exciting. iSmartAlarm creates products that put a modern spin on traditional security systems and have announced two new products at CES. Both products do not require professional installation and are portable. Homeowners and renters alike can connect, monitor and manage their own home security with the iSmartAlarm Doorfront and Smart Switch. 


iSmartAlarm Doorfront™, a new security and home control tool that alerts users via their smartphones when someone comes to the front door or rings the doorbell and allows them to see, hear and speak to their visitors whether they’re at home or not.

iSmartAlarm Smart Switch, an extension of the popular iSmartAlarm Home Security System that gives users even more home control and automation capabilities. With the iSmartAlarm Smart Switch, users can remotely control electrical outlets, monitor whether lighting is turned on or off, ensure potentially dangerous appliances are turned off when not in use, and monitor energy usage.

Find out more about iSmartAlarm products here at their website.

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