The Honor 6X Sports Premium Features at a More Than Fair Price

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One of the highlights of the first day of CES has to be hands down, the unveiling of the Honor 6x. A budget smartphone with specs that you’d expect to pay a hefty price for, the follow up tot he popular Honor 5x just continues being a success.

The Honor 6X Sports Premium Features at a More Than Fair Price

Available for pre-order on January 4th, the Honor 6x packs so many features, listening them next to the price tag you’d think I were lying. With a dual-lens rear camera, the 5.5-inch (1920x1080p) display Honor 6x has a metallic body s available in grey, silver and gold, comes in three variations in terms of ram and storage (3gb/32, 4gb/32gb or 4gb/64gb) with a Kirin 655 oct-core CPU, pretty much trumping (no relation) the iPhone 7, all while being only $250.

The Honor 6X Sports Premium Features at a More Than Fair Price

Made for a tight budget, a flagship phone doesn’t always have to cost you rent money in order to have and Honor knows this, thats why it’s been one of the more sought out products here at CES since being announced. All of these awesome features fit into the8.2mm thick metal body which make it not only lockable, but with a curved panel on the back, it feels GREAT in the hand.

Other feature of the 6x include a powerful 3,340 mAh battery the hype behind the Honor 6x, and the highlight feature though is the dual-lens camera on the back. With a wide aperture range of up to 16 feet, the Honor 16 is going to take some AMAZING photos courtesy of it’s 12MP resolution on the main camera and the backup 2MP camera that’s built to showcase depth of field. Since the battery is so large, you can get up to 11.5 hours of video, 70 hours of music or 8 hours of gaming on a single charge. This device can honestly do it all.

“Geared towards those unwilling to cut back on performance, Honor 6X is a device engineered with uncompromising excellence,” said George Zhao, president of honor. “Understanding the ‘double or nothing’ lifestyle of millennials, we designed Honor 6X with enough muscle power to allow them to share, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest.”

The Honor 6X Sports Premium Features at a More Than Fair Price

Available for $299 starting on January 4th, you can check out more information about the Honor 6x directly from Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, and various others. Or you can just go directly to their site.

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