NETGEAR Meural Canvas II Debuts MetaMask Connectivity and a Way to Elegantly Display Your NFTs

The NETGEAR Meural Canvas II is a digital frame made to elegantly display your NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in your home.  Starting in January, Meural owners will have the ability to connect their MetaMask crypto wallet directly from the Meural web platform, which is a straightforward way to choose which NFTs to display on your Meural.

NETGEAR Meural Canvas II

Once you connect your Meural Canvas II to your MetaMask wallet on the Meural’s web platform, all you need to do is select the NFTs you want to display on your wall, and they’ll seamlessly upload to the platform.  Once displayed, the NFTs will include a verifiable QR code and associated metadata.

This is a huge deal because it’ll make curating the content on your digital display super easy!

NETGEAR Meural Canvas II

NFTs, love them or hate them, had their moment in 2021 and don’t seem to be stopping in 2022.  I’ve been collecting NFTs since January of 2021 and have amassed a significant portfolio of digital art and collectibles that I would love to display like this in my home.

NETGEAR Meural Canvas II

The NETGEAR Meural Canvas II starts at $399.95; you can learn more about it here

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