Misfit Announces Vapor Smartwatch with Touchscreen

Misfit is determined to conquer every level of the fitness wearables market with devices that place style on the same level as function. They started with the Shine, then the Flash, and post-Fossil acquisition they’ve released the Ray and the Phase Hybrid. Now they’re looking to tackle the true smartwatch market with the $199 Vapor!

Misfit Announces Vapor Smartwatch with Touchscreen

Vapor appears to tick all the usual smartwatch/fitness watch boxes. It has GPS, can function as a standalone music device, tracks heart rate, and is waterproof for swimming. Where Misfit hopes to shine (no pun intended, given their flagship product) is in the style. The Vapor looks really nice in the promotional photos, with what appears to be gold-ish and black casing options. Misfit is using their own software, so it’s unclear what functions the watch will have beyond fitness, but the default screen shown on the promo photos looks minimalist and classy, exactly what we’ve come to see from Misfit.

There is not much more detail available yet on the Vapor, but at $199 it should do fairly well. If it has decent battery life and handles smartphone notifications, it might just fill the hole left by Pebble, and even if it’s not quite there, it is certainly an attractive price for an attractive watch! You can check out more information and sign up for notifications about the Vapor on Misfit’s site.

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