ConnectSense Continues to Make Your Home Smarter with Their Latest Products

ConnectSense came out blazing with new products in Las Vegas for CES 2017 and after we recently reviewed their Smart Outlet, the connected home brand announces three products that are worth checking out.

A leader in smart home products, ConnectSense unveiled a new Bluetooth extender in addition to new Bluetooth sensors that are fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

ConnectSense Continues to Make Your Home Smarter with Their Latest Products

The Bluetooth Extender allows the user to use “BLE”, or Bluetooth Energy sensors even outside of the home. Made to work with Homekit as well as ConnectSense’s cloud platform you can use one of the new ConnectSense products including the ConnectSense Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity, as well as the ConnectSense Water sensors. Both sensors can protect your home by allowing your the ability to see accurate information in sensitive areas in your home including basement floors and laundry rooms preventing leaks and floods.

Operating using two AAA batteries you never gave to gave it physically plugged into an outlet, even though you still need to check out the ConnectSense smart outlet ($59.95).

Available information on the Smart Outlet as well as the smart sensors by ConnectSense, head over to their site today.

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