Nuance Announces Artificial Intelligence To Make Your Vehicle Safer & More User Friendly

Nuance today announced all brand new Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Assistant capabilities for their Dragon Drive connected car framework at CES here in Las Vegas.

Nuance Announces Artificial Intelligence To Make Your Vehicle Safer & More User Friendly

Nuance Communications is known for their Dragon Drive, and as of today, the brand’s compatibility has expanded by offering automakers the ability to integrate a virtual assistant in the HMI cockpit that can not only listen, but understand, and respond as well. Dragon Drive leverages situational data from the car and the driver to relay to the assistant so it can accurately suggest navigation routes and points of interest. But it dives even deeper as the framework can even help in assisting you choose music, which means your eyes will truly focus on the road and not the surroundings of your vehicle.

Nuance Announces Artificial Intelligence To Make Your Vehicle Safer & More User Friendly

Also, Nuance today expanded the Automotive Assistant not to just the driver, but for all of the passengers in the car. With “multi-passenger” interaction, the in-car assistant can easily identify and differentiate the passenger from the driver using biometrics. For example, if the driver initiates the assistant then the passenger in the backseat follows up with a command to play a particular song, this all is done without confusion. This feature is currently enabled in 2016 and 2017 BMW Group vehicles.


The communications group also announced their advance AI-enabled text messaging, where the automotive assistant can actually understand what’s being dictated, and proactively suggest a response to you, or take action according to what’s given. If you receive a message that says to meet at a particular destination, the Automotive Assistant will interpret the details and ask the driver if they want to navigate to the location. This also works in terms of adding a calendar appointment.


“Automakers are keen to differentiate within the HMI through automotive virtual assistants that provide intuitive access to a range of apps and services – setting the stage for assistants that will play a central role in the evolving landscape of autonomous cars and shared car services. As such, automotive assistants need to extend beyond the driver with deep conversational and cognitive capabilities that allow the system to seamlessly understand a range of needs and personal preferences,” said Derek Viita, senior analyst, user experience practice, Strategy Analytics.


Offering up an unmatched level of user experience, Dragon Drive is making hybrid voice capabilities go above and beyond what you’d expect from an automated assistant. Drive smarter and safer thanks to Nuance. For more information about the Dragon Drive you can head to today.

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