808 Audio Announced New Products For Music Lovers at CES 2017

One of the fastest growing audio brands out today, 808 Audio unveiled their newest wireless collection that are sure to set off 2017 in a major way.

“We continue to improve and expand our collection of Bluetooth speakers and other audio solutions so we can cater to every listener’s needs, no matter the occasion,” says President of 808 Audio, Ian Geise. “We offer consumers an affordable product that features top-shelf audio that can compete with brands that are two and three times the price.”


First up is the CANZ GLO ($39.99). Made of metal, the CANZ GLO features an obvious canb-like appearance, but with a multi-mode LED lighting that dances around to the listeners tunes. With a simple interface and rechargeable battery that last up to six hours, not only is the Canz Glo portable, but if you plan on hitting the pool this summer, you can get the CANZ H2O ($49.99), the waterproof version that is also sand and dust proof and can last eight hours in the sun with a rechargeable battery.

808 Audio is also updating their HEX line with their new HEX TLS ($59.99) and HEX TLS ($79.99), which both are outfitted with a smaller anodized aluminum cabinet which feature a dual-speaker system and bass radiator that give you that bass 808 Audio is known for. The HEX TLS H20 is IP67 waterproof, and will look great beside your beach chair as well. Both products have an eight hour battery life.

If you want to be the life of the party and become your own personal DJ, 808 Audio also released their new wireless streaming Turntable for $149.99. In true 808 Audio fashion, the colors are the highlight with over 10 LED light modes that when connected to any wireless audio connection via Bluetooth, the lights will dance to the beat with a variety of light moods from: Chill, Dance, Party, or Zen.

Finally there’s the Ear CANZ Tru ($79.99) made for the gym rat who hates when their earbuds fall out of their ears. With an ergonomic design and earhooks to make sure they never fall out, these babies boast nine hours of battery life, and allow a truly wireless experience.


For more information on any of 808 Audio’s products, head over to their site today.

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