Audeze Announces the First In-Ear Planar Headphones

Audeze, a leader in premium audio products took to Showstoppers this week to announce their iSINE VR headphones.

Audeze Announces the First In-Ear Planar Headphones

The virtual and augmented reality headphones are driven to improve the VR experience by incorporating the company’s planar magnetic technology, seen in many of their popular products. The iSINE VR have superior transient response, as well as a lower distortion to give you crisp audio regardless of the audio. Also delivering groundbreaking, life like immersion, the headphones were built and tested with the HTC VIVE. With a more accurate bass than other headphones on the market, you’ll get a wider soundstage, giving you a longer playing time with even more realistic battlefield play which means you’ll want to play for longer.

“For gamers, the iSINE VR Headphones mean more realistic battlefield play, longer playing time without listener fatigue, and a more realistic VR experience overall,” said Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram. “It puts users in the heart of the action.”

The iSINE VR is the cornerstone of new innovation in the audio industry, and will be available in different variants with connector options for the Oculus Rift, CV1, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR and the StarVR headsets. Available later this month for $399, you can find out more information directly from

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