Moshi’s Announces Their Latest USB-C Accessories at CES 2017

Today popular accessory and electronics designer Moshi brought their A-Game to Las Vegas as they announce three additions to their USB-C product line: the iLynx Type-C mini dock, Full-Featured USB-C Cable, and USB-C to DisplayPort Cable.

All of the products feature aluminum housing and reinforced stress relief points, which are built for both durability and style, and lets just honest, things happen, and Moshi’s products won’t break on you. Joining Moshi’s already terrific fleet including the IonBank 5K Type-C portable battery, Cardette Type-C card reader, the USB-C Multiport Adapter and USB-C Charge Cable.

Moshi's Announces Their Latest USB-C Accessories at CES 2017

First up is the iLynx Type-C, which promises to expand your workstation. Available in April 2017, the iLynx features two USB Type-A Ports with a maximum data rate up to 5 Gbps. You can dock your MacBook, or any USB-C compatible laptop and it will give an HDMI maximum output resolution of 4k@30Hz. Supporting a gigabit Ethernet, the iLynx also comes up with an integrated Smart LED charging indicator.

Moshi's Announces Their Latest USB-C Accessories at CES 2017

Up next is the USB-C Cable. Available in March 2017, the fast-charge cable can connect to a power brick, or an external monitor in order to transfer data quickly between your devices. Supporting up to 80-watts, the 1 meter cable transfers up to 20 Gbps.

Moshi's Announces Their Latest USB-C Accessories at CES 2017

Finally there’s the USB-C to DisplayPort Cable. With the 5k quality video resolution, the DisplayPort Cable also offers up an HDMI output at 1080p, as well as 4k resolutions. With bi0directional support for your USB-C and DisplayPort devices, the cable is available come March 2017.


Sounds like Moshi is true to their word of making awesome products, and if you’d like more information about any of these products, head over to Moshi today.

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