Loopy Cases for iPhone 7 Plus Review

Large openings for the speakers and Lightning port should allow most accessories to operate without needing you to remove your iPhone from the case.

As is my preference, there is no vanity opening for the Apple logo.

Towards the bottom of the case is the reason to buy the Loopy: a rubber strap described as “super strong” and “tear-resistant” by Loopy Cases.

The strap pokes through the back of the case at two points to form the namesake loop and can be adjusted by pulling it either side to make the loop bigger or smaller.

In my usage, I can’t imagine a scenario where the loop would come out or otherwise snap, it really is very, very strong.

In the hand, it does make my iPhone 7 Plus feel infinitely more secure, especially when using it one-handed. Reading in bed is also far less risky; I’ve dropped my phone on my face more times than I’d care to admit.

It also makes carrying my phone easier at times too, as it can be hooked over a finger. Most of the time, though, I carry my phone in my pocket, and so far it hasn’t felt any more uncomfortable than carrying it in a case without the Loopy.

The loop can also function as a stand for watching videos in landscape mode, propping the phone up just enough to make viewing comfortable.

This is not to say it’s perfect. I don’t much care for the way the case bulges at the back where the strap is inserted. The tight fit contributes to the security of the strap, but it would be great if there were channels that they could be folded into to make the back of the case flat.

It’s also next to impossible to use an iPhone 7 Plus laying on a table when it’s in the Loopy Case. On the iPhone 7, the loop is roughly at the mid-point, and it will sit with the display angled towards you. With an iPhone 7 Plus, the loop is towards the bottom, so the display tilts away from you.

If you, or anyone you know, is frequently dropping their phone, the Loopy Case is definitely worth a look. It’s well-made, available in a variety of colours, and is very effective at securing your phone in your hand. It’s available for iPhone 6, 6s and 7 models, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and Note 5.

Loopy Cases start from $35 and is available directly from www.loopycases.com

Source: Purchased by reviewer

What I Like: Very effective at preventing drops, range of colours

What Needs Improvement: iPhone Plus models difficult to use laying on a table, bulge at the back


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