Loopy Cases for iPhone 7 Plus Review

It’s hilarious to think that 10 years ago, the display on most people’s mobile phones were barely larger than a postage stamp, and certainly weren’t touch-enabled. Fast forward 10 years, and the efforts of Apple and Samsung have made button-less touchscreen devices popular, and larger than most would have ever though practical.

Loopy Cases for iPhone 7 Plus Review

The problem, however, is our hands haven’t evolved in that time, making one-handed use increasingly difficult, and, at times, quite hazardous for our large panes of metal and glass.

The founders of Loopy Cases have produced a solution that is both simple and effective. Inspired by the story of their father, who shortly after purchasing his first smartphone dropped it, cracking the screen, they had an idea: stop the drops from happening in the first place.

Loopy Cases for iPhone 7 Plus Review

On its face, the Loopy Case isn’t all that different from the endless rubberised cases you’ll find online. A tough rubber skin that bends to fit tightly on your iPhone, with a small lip to prevent the display from contacting a surface when lying face-down.

The volume and power buttons are well-defined and don’t dull the iPhone’s solid button action in the slightest. The small cut-out for the silent mode switch makes it difficult to activate by accident, and the large opening for the single or dual-camera plus flash won’t affect your photos.

Loopy Cases for iPhone 7 Plus Review

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3 Comments on "Loopy Cases for iPhone 7 Plus Review"

  1. You should take a look at https://phoneloops.com. It can work with most cases and lays flat when not in use. I got one and love it.

    • Mitchell Oke | January 29, 2017 at 4:28 pm |

      Certainly looks interesting, and I do like the ability to lie the phone flat. It’s my only real functional issue with the Loopy case.

  2. The rubber wears away eventually. The more you use the phone, the more wear and tear happens. Also, the Loopy website is a little misleading. They never feature the front of the case showing the color of the bumper that surrounds the face of your phone. Most don’t match the back and sides of the Loopy case — so it’s a surprise when the case arrives. I wanted a light border to match the back color, but to my surprise the bumper was dark and didn’t compliment my phone face plate. Also, Loopy customer service used to be good, now that they are a big RICH company, their support and service sucks. They got rich and now they treat their customers like they don’t really need them anymore.

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