Pyle Wi-Fi Soundbar Review: A Great Start to Your Home Theatre

If you’re looking for a good soundbar for your home but don’t want to break the bank, you should check out the Pyle Wi-Fi Soundbar.

Pyle Wi-Fi Soundbar Review: A Great Start to Your Home Theatre

After mounting my television, one thing that I was truly missing was a good soundbar. I searched around a bit, looking for what would not only take up too much space but would look elegant with my decor, and I stumbled on Pyle’s Wi-Fi  Soundbar (PSBV210WIFI). At $146.99, the Soundbar was right in my budget, and it featured everything to give my living room some boom. With one 5.25-inch woofer, two 3-inch full range speakers and two one-inch tweeters, Pyle just sounded like a dream come true. Here are some specs:



  • Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Wireless Music Streaming
  • High-Powered Full Range Stereo Sound Reproduction
  • 3D Surround Sound System: (5) Total Speakers
  • USB Flash & SD Memory Card Readers
  • MP3 Digital Audio File Compatibility
  • Aux (3.5mm) Input Connector
  • FM Radio, 30 Station Memory
  • Ability to Connect External Devices
  • (2) Pair RCA (L/R) Audio Input Jacks
  • Ported Enclosure for Impressive Bass Response
  • Home Theater, TV, Speaker System Compatible
  • Front Panel Control Center & LCD Display
  • Built-in Sound Amplifier
  • EQ Audio Configuration
  • Sleek Piano-Black Glossy Finish
  • Mac & PC Compatible

Bluetooth Connectivity:

  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming
  • Works with All of Your Favorite Devices
  • (iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, Computer, etc.)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Network Name: ‘Pyle Audio’
  • Bluetooth Version: 2.1+ EDR
  • Bluetooth Wireless Range: 100 Ft.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi Receives Audio Signal
  • Give Your Speaker Wireless Streaming Ability
  • Send Music to the SoundBar from Your Smart Device
  • Configure Audio & Connect via Downloadable Apps
  • Add Wireless Ability to Connected Speakers


Pyle Wi-Fi Soundbar Review: A Great Start to Your Home Theatre

Powered by an AC adapter, the Pyle was so simple to unbox; everything pretty much came out together.  I instantly set it on the mantle in my living room directly underneath the other components and television and began to fidget with it. Pyle included a nice remote that gets straight to the point. While it’s not the fanciest thing in the world, and the fact it may be one of the fewer products that don’t work with my Logitech Harmony Elite (obvious reasons), I figured what’s one extra remote I’d use sparingly.

The Pyle Wi-Fi Soundbar had one task: fill the room it’s in with sound, and boy does it do that. Since the soundbar works with all Bluetooth devices, I can easily connect, get to Spotify and crank up the tunes when I have houseguests, or even if I want to play the radio to entertain Sparky while I’m at work, I can. Now surely I could do this with my Amazon Echo, but the sound of the Pyle Soundbar just sounds a bit more impressive. From the booming bass to the mids, you can hear everything crystal clear, even from 20 feet away in another room. I just suggest placing it on a shelf a few feet from the ground because it does get really loud at higher decibels.

Pyle Wi-Fi Soundbar Review: A Great Start to Your Home Theatre

While I haven’t yet plugged the soundbar into my tv, there is a capability for that with the included RCA cables, or if you want to connect to a DVD player. Unfortunately, it did not connect to the audio of my Xbox or Playstation when I attempted to test it for that. But at $146.99, I’m not really expecting some super complex speaker like a SONOS or Vizio. This speaker is geared for the user who wants a soundbar at a decent price that simply does one thing accurately: Give you great sound on a budget. The setup is simple and user-friendly, and the soundbar’s footprint isn’t extremely large either. I suggest taking full advantage of the twenty different presets to customize your favorite things to listen to as well, taking full advantage of the 300 watts of sound you’ll get thanks to Pyle.

If you’re looking for a soundbar that’s not overpowering, both in audio quality and price, the Pyle Wi-Fi Bluetooth Surround Soundbar is a great start. For more information, head over to Pyle today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Price is right, and the audio quality is great for what you pay

What Needs Improvement: Very boxy, could’ve been a bit more streamlined, especially for large shelves

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