The Latest Cases from Incase Are a Perfect Fit for Your iPhone 7

Incase sent us over two of their popular iPhone 7 Plus cases to check out, the TensaerLite textured ICON Case and the Ecoya textured Snap case, and after extended testing, they are two my personal favorite iPhone 7 Plus cases for the average user.

First, there’s the TensaerLite ICON case for the iPhone 7 Plus, my favorite of the two cases. A low profile case that resembles their even popular Incase Icon Backpacks, the Icon smartphone case by Incase features their branded Tensaelite protection technology that protects your phone from drops at up to waist height, helping with its shock protection to absorb any impact.

Like most of Incase’s iPhone cases, the ICON case has a raised lip around the phone screen that even if the phone somehow falls on its face, chances are you won’t suffer from a cracked screen. I use an Invisishield screen protector on all of my device, including my iPhone 7 Plus, and it works with the ICOn case perfectly.

There’s a large cutout on the rear for the dual iPhone 7 Plus cameras, which also is enough room for the camera flash so there’s no additional glare which I love. As far as the lightning port I’m able to not only connect Apple’s stock cable but even third-party lightning cables that tend to be a bit bulkier.

The ICON case by Incase is $39.95, but worth every single penny and you can purchase it directly from Incase.

Next is their Textured Snap case for the iPhone 7 Plus. A case I was originally in love with before switching over to the ICON case, the Textured snap case has a lot to love about it, although there was one glaring problem that made me a bit apprehensive.

Since the case is indeed textured, it’s a co-molded design that has a lining that not only feels great to the touch but if not careful, it will peel on you. I found that around the edges of this particular case, the fabric would behind peeling, like lint on the inner pocket of my jeans would cause the material to thread, which was okay at the beginning but it started to look more and more like the case would shed with day-to-day use.

Outside of this, though, the case is just as protective as the ICON, featuring a shock-absorbent TPU bumper that protects your phone, as well as the glass on the front of it.

At $39.95, it’s not the cheapest case, but it has great features and looks good if you can get past the occasional threading around the edges of the case. You can purchase the Textured Snap for $39.95 from Incase today.

For more information on any of Incase’s iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus cases, head over to Incase today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review units

What I Like: The ICON case reminds me of what makes the ICON backpack awesome, and it feels marvelous; The slimness and design of the Textured Snap are nice as well

What Needs Improvement: Threading of the textured snap edges can potentially become a problem for users

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