Bodyguardz iPhone Protection Products Live up to the Brand Name

The Bodyguardz Ace Pro case for iPhone 7 Plus provides excellent drop protection while staying light weight and maintaining a slim profile. When you add the Bodyguardz Pure 2 screen protector, you’ve got 360-degree protection for your iPhone that won’t break the bank. The Ace Pro case retails for $14.95, and the Pure 2 screen protector retails for $44.95.

The Bodyguardz Ace Pro case is made with transparent thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU for short, and it is lined with their patented Unequal impact technology. The Ace Pro has a soft feel around the bumper allowing me to grip the phone, but is fairly rigid in the back and makes me feel comfortable that it is protecting my phone well. The case also features a raised bezel that extends beyond the face of the screen that protects the screen from accidental drops or when placing the phone screen-side down on a table.

The transparent case design with rounded edges emphasizes the design of the iPhone without disguising it completely, which I appreciate. All of the buttons are covered by the case and the case also provides ample room to access the mute switch and lighting port. The opening for the lighting port also allows for use of third party lightning cables, which not all cases do. My biggest complaint with this case, however, is that the power and volume buttons are not raised and their locations are only signified by a small power symbol and plus/minus symbols, which can be difficult to operate by touch alone. After a few days, I started getting used to it, but it’s something to keep in mind.

The Bodyguardz Ace Pro is available in three color combinations: Smoke/Black, Pink/White, and Clear/Gray.

Everything included with the Pure 2 screen protector.

Bodyguardz Pure 2 is a premium tempered glass screen protector that features Alumitech technology from Corning. They say that this is the first screen protector in the US to utilize this technology, which uses a rare family of tempered glass called Aluminosilicate. This type of glass allows the screen protector to be thinner, yet provide more protection than regular glass screen protectors. Aluminosilicate glass is said to be up to 5x more scratch-resistant, provides up to 25% better drop protection, and offers up to 25% less visibility of scratches if they do occur.

The Pure 2 screen protector is indeed thin and provides excellent visibility and feel without changing the performance of the iPhone’s touchscreen. The edges of the screen protector are slightly rounded, so they will not catch on your pocket and accidentally get ripped off.

Bodyguardz includes everything you need to install the screen protector correctly, including a microfiber cleaning cloth, stickers to remove dust prior to installation, and even a suction cup to help align and install the screen protector. Unfortunately, I must have messed up while installing my screen protector and some dust and air got trapped underneath. This is very likely my fault and not the fault of the screen protector. Although, I do see a lot of air bubbles surrounding the edges of the screen protector, which leads me to believe that the screen protector is not engineered 100% correctly because it’s not sitting properly on my iPhone’s screen.

Bodyguardz also has a nice customer loyalty program, called the Advantage Program, which allows their customers to get free replacements on all screen protectors and full body skins for the life of your device. The program also entitles customers to a 30-day money back guarantee, a one-year case warranty, and a 20% customer loyalty discount.

You can purchase the Ace Pro iPhone case and Pure 2 screen protector directly from the Bodyguardz website.

Source:  The Bodyguards Ace Pro and Pure 2 were manufacturer provided review samples.

What I Like:  Slim case with good protection; Accentuates the iPhone’s design; Thin screen protector without reducing screen functionality

What Needs Improvement:  Screen protector does not seem to be adhering properly at the edges


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