A Review of the Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

The Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus ($49.95) is a shock-absorbing bumper case that’s not only original but adds to the beauty of Apple’s latest flagship phone. We had an opportunity to check out the case, and it’s personally a favorite. To be completely honest, I don’t think there’s an Incase iPhone 7 Plus case I haven’t enjoyed. Compared to others on the market, Incase tries their hardest to make their cases not only form-fitting to the iPhone itself, but all the while giving your particular case a bit of flair that you might not see the person next to you…

Will the Incase Icon Lite Be My Gadget Backpack for 2017?

Every year, I find myself attempting to make the bag I carry lighter. The gadgets change frequently, but I try to keep the bags the same. In 2016 I used the Incase Icon bag to transport all of my tech gear, so when Incase sent over their Incase ICON Lite, I wondered if it would lighten my load? Let’s see!

Incase’s New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases Offer Beautiful, Lightweight Protection

Incase is known for their innovative phone cases, laptop sleeves, and similar accessories and these two new cases for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are no exception. The Pop Case with hard-shell exterior provides full back, edge, and corner protection while the Textured Snap Case incorporates a textured eco-friendly fabric finish. Both cases are available for $34.95 and $39.95 respectively.

Gear vs Gear- Incipio Pearl Metal feather and the Incase Clear Snap Case for iPhone 4

Let me start off by saying, I usually love to carry my iPhone naked. (well always with a skin/screen protector on it…old habit from the stylus driven Windows Mobile and Pocket PC days). To me, one of the main reasons for getting the iPhone (any version) is that it is light, small, compact, awesome looking and feels great in the hand. Why would I want to hide all of Apple’s hard design work behind a case? Well I work outside quite a bit, and I get dirty … so sometimes I like to keep my phone protected. So to keep…