RoamingMan WiFi Hotspot: Affordable and Convenient Data Anywhere You Go

Traveling out of the country can be a bit tricky if you know that you’ll need data while gone, especially when you need to be able to get work done. If you’re traveling to an area where you can’t expect solid hotel internet service or if wirelessly tethering your laptop to your phone isn’t an option, RoamingMan WiFi Hotspot can help.

RoamingMan WiFi Hotspot: Affordable and Convenient Data Anywhere You Go

For $9.99 per day (minimum 5 days), you can get a RoamingMan WiFi hotspot that will work all over the world. Even better, it can run for up to 15 hours, allow up to five devices to connect at a time, or it can act as a portable 6000mAh battery for your phone.

The RoamingMan WiFi hotspot offers:

  • 4G high-speed Internet access, up to 150Mbps for downloading and 50Mbps for uploading (theoretical maximum speed value).
  • Unlimited data ensures you are always able to be online while traveling abroad.
  • Private network service ensures online protection.

Here’s how the service works. Before you leave on your trip, you’ll go to the RoamingMan site and place your order. You’ll receive the RoamingMan WiFi hotspot 2-4 business days prior to your departure using UPS.

You’ll get 4G high-speed internet access; RoamingMan says you’ll get “up to 150Mbps for downloading and 50Mbps uploading. You may get 3G internet access in some countries because RoamingMan service is based on the local internet service provider. The device may have weak or no signals in airports, mountains, highways, ports, basements, islands, high seas, etc. Please restart the device and connect to a network after moving to a more accessible location.”

The promised unlimited data is not necessarily at 4G speeds, however. According to RoamingMan, “The data that you receive is unlimited, but in some countries, FUP (Fair Use Policy) may be applied when an individual user has exceeded a certain amount of data within a specified time period. We recommend to avoid streaming videos or using excessively large amounts of data. When the data usage reaches 500MB within a day (24 hours), your connection speed may slow down to 256kbps download and upload speeds. However, the connection speed will recover to high-speed the following day.”

You can check to see if the country or countries that you’re traveling to are compatible with the RoamingMan WiFi hotspot by checking here.

When you return from your trip, you’ll use the return label that came with your RoamingMan to return it. Unfortunately, the delivery and return aren’t free — you’ll pay $29.90 at the time you rent the device for that.

The RoamingMan WiFi Hotspot is easy to set up and easy to use; it’s a good option if you want to be able to get online with your laptop or other WiFi enabled devices, but it is not a great option if you want to stream music or video because of the possible 500MB cap before throttling. As long as you keep that limit in mind, you’ll be fine.

The RoamingMan WiFi Hotspot rental is $9.99 per day with a minimum of 5 days ($49.95), and it is available directly from RoamingMan.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: This is a handy device to travel with if you need to be able to connect a laptop or iPad; Can connect up to 5 devices at once; RoamingMan WiFi hotspot also acts as a 6000mAh power bank; The large hotspot battery allows it to run up to 15 hours;

What Needs Improvement: Delivery and return postage aren’t included (it’s an extra $29.90); In some countries, after using 500MB in one 24 hour period you may be throttled from 4G speeds to 256kbps

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