Choetech Accessories for the iPhone 7 Plus Offer Protection at a Low Price

Choetech’s iPhone 7 Plus accessories provide protection for your device for a great price. For a total of around $13, you can get a bumper-style case and a tempered glass screen protector which offer 360-degree protection for your iPhone 7 Plus. Check out all of their accessories, everything from wireless chargers, Android cases, mobile power banks and more.

The iPhone 7 Plus case is available in multiple colors, has an opaque bumper and a clear acrylic back. It’s made out of TPU plastic, which is the standard for many mobile phone cases these days. The clear back of the case allows the iPhone’s design to show through the case, which is a nice feature.

All of the buttons are covered by the opaque TPU so they’re protected from drops. The buttons still have a great click feeling, which helps maintain the premium feel of the iPhone. Unfortunately though, that’s where the premium feel ends.

Unfortunately, the entire case feels cheap. The plastic is hard, so it doesn’t feel great in the hand. Most cases try to keep the bumper portion soft so that you feel like you have a good grip on the phone, but that’s not the case with this case. Also, it doesn’t seem like it would provide much drop protection. But, for $5.99, what do you expect?

Choetech’s iPhone 7 Plus screen protector has a lot of high-end features for the price. For $6.95, you can get a tempered glass screen protector that has 9H hardness, is scratch resistant, and has an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints.   The screen protector comes with all of the accessories you need to install it properly. It comes with wet and dry towels, a microfiber wipe, and stickers that would help you remove all of the leftover dust and fibers that remained on your screen prior to installing the screen protector.

Installation was easy, but I still ended up with a few minor air bubbles toward the bottom and sides of the screen that I could not remove. I’m sure they’ll get better with time, but it’s not a great start. The screen protector does appear to be of good quality, however, as compared to screen protectors I’ve used in the past.

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Source:  The Choetech iPhone accessories were manufacturer provided review samples.

What I Like:  Great price; Decent protection

What Needs Improvement:  Material feels cheap

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