There’s No Need for Starbucks with Gourmia’s Coffee Maker in Your Home

Gourmia is one of the industry leaders in home appliances, more specifically in the kitchen. We’ve previously reviewed a few of their products, but one we had anticipated reviewing for some time, the GCM5000 Coffee and Espresso Maker.

The first coffee maker that can brew virtually any version of k-cups, the GCM5000 over the past few months has been a lifesaver, and a money saver all at the same time. At $279.99, it’s not the cheapest thing that will be sitting on your kitchen counter, but it will certainly be the most useful, especially considering that the average customer at Starbucks spends roughly $7 a day going to grab their favorite cup with their name purposely misspelled.

What makes the Gourmia GCM5000 to me personally is how scorned I’ve been ordering home coffee machines from those “other” brands who took it upon themselves to not put the customer first, making special k-cups that only work on their machines… which honestly only work for a year, maybe two without eventually dying out causing you to rinse and repeat. You won’t get that with Gourmia being backed with their iron clad policy and even better customer service. But I’m putting the cart before the horse so let’s get back to what makes this coffee machine great.

Compatible with Nespresso and K-Cup pods, if you are quick on the go, the Gourmia GCM5000 is perfect for that quick rush out of the door, or just an evening pick me up after a long day in the office. If I could, I would personally have one sitting at my desk how cool it truly is.

But this is more than just a machine for coffee lovers as latte and cappuccino lovers alike will take a liking to the diversity this machine will bring to your countertop, all from one machine. Going to Target or your home department store, you might purchase a machine for each individual need, but with Gourmia, that’s a thing of the past.

The all-in-one unit is as simple to use as it looks. Depending on if you want espresso or K-Cup you pick the corresponding coffee or espresso insert you simply lift the lid on the back end of the Gourmia GCM5000, close the lid and from there, what Gourmia calls the “barista Brain Sensor” miraculously adjusts it’s settings automatically to what you chose to give you the drink desired.

At first I thought this would actually be weird as I didn’t have to go through some elaborate settings menu choosing 11 different options before finally deciding I just want a cup of coffee. Thanks to the machines 19 bar electromagnetic pressurized pump, you’ll get a freshly brewed pot of coffee every single time.

On the side of the machine is where the ability to make your froth sits. Now I’m not really big on frothing personally, but it’s an awesome feature to have when you have guests over to impress them with your fancy new “do it all” coffee maker that puts their Keurig to shame.

The premise is simple: Add milk, press the button the front of the milk frothier, and in less than 20 seconds you get a nice layer to your drink that will rival that $9 one you just purchased at some overpriced coffee shop. Now I  don’t drink espresso as it’s too strong for my tastes, and personally I still think even though it’s nice Gourmia enables the ability to use Nespresso k-cups, they are still ridiculously overpriced in my eyes.

What I do enjoy the most is that instead of having to suffering from just drinking out of a typical coffee mug on my way to work. Gourmia’s forward thinking pays off again at the drip tray is actually removable, so you can now fit up to a 20-ounce cup underneath for brewing your favorite House Blend of French Roast. It takes about 20-30 seconds for the water for your coffee to heat up with is awesome, and after that it brews instantaneously. After that the k-cup drops to the bin on the inside of the machine ready for disposal.

If you’re wondering, the water container for the coffee brew is enough to get you possibly two 16 ounce coffees without needing to refill, which I think is nice considering Jess and I can drink about one each on a good day in route to work so if I’m ever too lazy to refill it, there’s enough water in there for her.

Overall I’m absolutely in love with the Gourmia coffee machine, and without a shadow of a doubt, I won’t be using another Keurig machine. At $279.99, it might be a tough pill to swallow for some, but you get what you pay for, and the last thing you want to do is spend $60 every year on another black Friday coffee machine that will die on you if you use it more than once a week.

Get a GCM5000 Coffee Machine by Gourmia by simply heading to their website today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: being able to do it all from one machine is great, more specifically the water tank is large enough to brew multiple cups with ease; Cleanup is simple, and you won’t get coffee ground buildup inside of your machine like other companies; Will last you years, unlike Keurig’s

What Needs Improvement: Not sure how you can really improve from $279.99, but it could be pricy for some

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