Master & Dynamic Announces a New Color for Their MW60 Wireless Headphones

Master & Dynamic is a favorite over here at gear Diary, and the New York City-based audio company announced a brand new colorway of their MW60 Wireless Over-Ear headphones that are worth checking out.


On January 1st of this year, the Second Avenue Subway station opened, featuring 12 large scale portrait, with 10 mosaics and two tile works by Chuck Close that were placed at the 86th Street station entrances and Mezzanine concourse. Master & Dynamic sees the subway as an integral part of traveling around New York City, and as loud as the city can get, sometimes you want to block out the noise. Why not do this with the special new colorway of their MW60 Wireless On-Ear Headphones?  Available today in a sleek new silver and navy colorway are the MW60 Wireless headphones by Master & Dynamic. Inspired by the large self-portrait mosaic created by Chuck Close that sits at the Second Avenue subway line, the navy and silver MW60’s are the fourth official color for the MW60, with the others being silver/brown, gunmetal/black and the super sleek all black color which are a personal favorite of mine.


Just like the other three available options, the silver & navy MW60’s will feature custom 45mm neodymium drivers, an all-aluminum antenna that will give you the best  signal range for Bluetooth, on top of having a 15-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery (with the option to go wired with the included 3.5mm cable). Sticking to their motto of “Form Meets Function”, the MW60’s have earned high marks by critics, even being named the best wireless headphones back in 2015 from WIRED. I personally use them when traveling and they are certainly a must-have for anyone who wants great audio quality, on top of a sleek design that’s certainly going to last you a very long time.


Available today for $549, please visit Master & Dynamic’s site today.

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