New Update to Skybuds Include “Find My Skybuds’ & ‘Audio Transparency’

Travis recently reviewed Skybuds, and since then we’ve noticed people online asking about a feature that Apple’s very own AirPods have that Skybuds owners have hoped for — notifications when you’ve lost one of your wireless earbuds. Well, the company has listened, Alpha Audiotronics, makers of the Skybuds have recently announced their ‘Find My Skybuds’ functionality.

New Update to Skybuds Include "Find My Skybuds' & 'Audio Transparency'

‘Find My Skybuds’ is a feature that after downloading the update from the App Store, will allow you to receive push notifications when the Skybuds are completely out of range, perfect for those moments when you’ve left your desk with your smartphone and you’ve forgotten the Skybuds on your desk. ‘Find My Skybuds’ will also identify the last known location where they have been used, which can be very helpful. Also with the most recent update in the SkyBuds app is the new Awareness feature, which gives audio transparency so users are able to listen to their audio all while being able to hear their surroundings.

New Update to Skybuds Include "Find My Skybuds' & 'Audio Transparency'

To access this feature directly from the Skybuds, all you have to do is press and hold onto the left Skybud to turn on the Awareness feature which comes in handy when that co-worker askes you a question at your desk, or you are placing an order online and do not want to take the Skybuds out of your ear. There’s also an Active move which turns Awareness on indefinitely, or Adaptive mode that automatically turns on the feature when you’ve paused your audio.

“Loss anxiety is one of the biggest pain-points we’ve noticed among people who still haven’t switched to truly wireless earbuds,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder, Alpha Audiotronics. “The ‘Find My Skybuds’ feature helps you remember to bring your earbuds with you before leaving a location, making it nearly impossible to forget or misplace them.”

The update is available today in the App store, but if you’d like to learn more, you can head over to today.

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