Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!


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Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive! Listen to this article

If you like neckband-style wireless earphones, you want to check out the Jabra Elite 25e. Offering up to 18 hours of battery time, the Elite 25e are both wind and water resistance. They are an update to the Jabra Halo Smart and have a new neckband design that is surprisingly comfortable.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

When Judie first wrote a news post about the Jabra Elite 25e back in August, she noted, “I’m shocked that these will be just $79…” I have to agree. For under $80, you get a pair of headphones that sound quite good, get excellent battery life and are comfortable.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

Jabra Elite 25e offers best-in-class battery for wireless calls and music. Enjoy up to 18 hours of battery time, wind and water resistance, and a new neckband design for a great fit and all-day comfort.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

The micro USB charging port sits behind a small door on the back of the neckband.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

On the right portion of the neckband, you will find volume buttons as well as the on/off/pairing button.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

On the left side of the neckband, you will find a dedicated voice button for activating Siri or Google Voice. Next to it is the microphone for taking calls or initiating commands.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

The Jabra Elite 25e Headphones:

  • Get up to 18 hours of battery time
  • Can seamlessly switch between calls and music, on-the-go, throughout the day
  • Have a superior design for optimized comfort and fit
  • Are wind and water resistance
  • Have a dedicated Siri and Google Now button
  • Magnets hold earbuds together when not in use

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

Let’s dig into each of these in a bit more detail using Jabra’s own words.

  • All-day calls and music: Jabra Elite 25e takes your calls and plays your music throughout the day, wherever that may take you. With an unrivaled up to 18 hours battery time, Elite 25e gives you the freedom to stay connected.
  • Amazing durability: With a wind-protected microphone and weather-resistant durability, the Jabra Elite 25e delivers outstanding call quality in all weather – allowing you to ignore the elements, but not the conversations you need to take part in.
  • Even better fit: By developing our neckband design, Jabra Elite 25e now provides added comfort for all-day use. And by enhancing the fit with our EarGelsTM, you also gain better sound for calls and music.
  • Dedicated voice control button: Optimize your time at the touch of a button. Jabra Elite 25e features a voice button that instantly connects you to Siri® or Google Now™, allowing you to quickly get the information you need.
  • Siri and Google Now with one touch: Tap the button and you will immediately call up the voice service for the mobile device to which it is connected.
  • Exceptional sound quality: With 10mm speakers engineered for immersive audio, Jabra Elite 25e delivers full-spectrum music quality. Whether you prefer rich bass or crisp high tones, your sound quality needs won’t be compromised.
  • Optimal connectivity: Connects up to 8 devices via Bluetooth®, and two at the same time with Multiuse

I’m increasingly fond of neckband-style wireless headphones. They consistently get better battery life than their non-neckband cousins and, thanks to the battery and electronics residing in the neckband, are more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. That is all true with the Jabra Elite 25e. I find them comfortable on my neck and in my ears. I am impressed with the battery life and durability. And the sound is what I have come to expect from Jabra products- excellent. These are, in other words, the whole package.

Jabra Elite 25e Are Under $80 and Impressive!

With the Jabra Elite 25e, the company has upped their game. The neckband is more comfortable than ever, the sound connotes to impress me, and the ear gels have a new, oval shape that I find to be far more comfortable than the old, round style. Judie was surprised you can get these for under $80 and, having now used them for a while, I concur. Check them out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Improved comfort thanks to neckband design and the new oval ear gels; Excellent battery life; Good sound; Ability to connect to multiple devices; Nice price

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, for the price these will impress!

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