Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise

This is the first of a series of reviews of Distil Union wallets. All feature thoughtful design and are all well-crafted. This being the first review I thought I would begin with the smallest of the review samples I was sent- the Wally Micro. This is the smallest wallet I have ever used, and I’m amazed how much it holds.

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The slim sleeve with a few tricks up its, well, sleeve

The Wally micro looks like a simple wallet sleeve for holding a few different credit cards, but it is much more than that. This sleeve-style wallet has enough room for up to eight cards and an elastic band that can hold additional cards or some cash. It is tiny, but it serves as my wallet without a hint of compromise. And, at just $29.99, it is a bargain.

Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise

Distil Union describes the Wally Micro this way:

The Wally Micro wallet is surprisingly accommodating as a front-pocket wallet or business card holder, flexing to secure a varying stash of up to 10 cards. Designed for the card-carrying minimalist who likes to mix things up, Micro is a reversible wallet! The only hard part is deciding on which color combo…

The issue with deciding which color combo is made a bit easier by the fact that, with a few simple steps, the Wally Micro can be flipped around and the interior color becomes its external color while the previously exterior color now becomes the interior. It is a good trick, and it adds to the value and the versatility of the Wally Micro.

Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise


  • Capacity: 10 cards, a few folded bills
  • Access cards with Wally Pull-Tab – push cards in to retract the tab
  • No matter how much or little you carry, your two most frequently used cards are always right at your fingertips
  • Folded bill fits inside the sleeve or beneath the elastic for quicker access
  • Rich full-grain leather, skilled craftsmanship, and 1-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 3.6″ tall x 2.1″ wide x 0.3″ thin

Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise

We’ve seen and reviewed simple sleeve wallets before, but none have had that extra little something that makes the Wally Micro a Distill Union product. That feature? The Wally Pull-Tab.

Our signature move: Like a pop-up book for us grown-ups, Wally Pull-Tab™ lifts your cards for easy access. We use grosgrain ribbon for its durability and surprisingly satisfying zzzzzip when you pull it.

The Wally Pull-Tab is a piece of material that sits as a “U” on the interior of the wallet with the loose end extending to the outside of the Walter just a bit. By pulling on the loose end, the interior “U” becomes shorter and, in the process, pushes all of the cards held in the interior out of the wallet and within easy grasp. It is a simple design but one that makes getting cards out of the wallet simple, quick and, I would say, a bit fun. It is a feature found in all of the company’s wallets, so we will see it over and over again as we share this current series of reviews.

Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise

You deserve to carry something slim: Micro slips effortlessly into your front pants pocket or jacket inside pocket, keeping your suit (or skinny-jean) silhouette looking good.

Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise

The idea behind the Wally Micro is minimalism. If you are anything like me, when you use a traditional wallet you quickly begin to suffer from “wallet cream.” You know what I mean. You start off with just a few cards, but before you know it, your wallet is stuffed with receipts, pictures and an assortment of other items. It becomes so thick that, when you keep your wallet in your back pocket you cannot help but suffer from back pain before the day is half over. “Wallet cream” is a thing of the past with the Wally Micro. It holds eight cards and cash but doesn’t have room for extra crap. That means you will have to think about what you carry and you won’t even have the option to add more once you start using the wallet. Oh, and because of the Wally Micro’s small size you also won’t have to worry about back pain- it fits nicely right in your front pocket. That’s good for avoiding the chiropractor, but it is also good for spoiling a pickpocket’s payday.

As previously mentioned, the Wally Micro is two wallets in one. The process of flipping the wallet inside out if simple and quick but is best explained using Distil Union’s promo video.

The Wally Micro is made from quality leather and is constructed to ensure the rigors of your day-to-day life.

And while it is designed specifically for the true minimalist, it also serves as a great backup wallet for moments when you want to travel lighter but still need a wallet or, if you so desire, as a sleek business card holder. I’m a huge fan of the Wally Micro. And, thanks to its thin design, you can activate NFC-enabled cards without having to remove them.

Wally Micro Is the Tiny Wallet that Doesn’t Make You Compromise

It is small but holds everything I need. My only gripe, if I had to name one, is that it is so small that, more than once, I have had to spend a few minutes trying to find it as I was rushing from the door. Then again, the fact that the wallet is so small that I easily misplace it beneath a stack of papers actually speaks to the fact that this is a fully functioning wallet that lives up to its micro name. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Small; Well crafted; Reversible; Holds up to eight cards and cash; Special tab makes removing cards simply and quick; Prevents wallet creep; Priced nicely at under $30

What Needs Improvement: So small it is easily misplaced.

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