Grovemade’s Dock for Your New MacBook Pro Will Stand Out on Your Desktop

When looking for items to put on my new desk, one thing I knew I would need was a dock for my MacBook. Rather than just having it sitting by itself, I wanted it to have an elegant look to it, so I immediately turned to Grovemade.

Grovemade's Dock for Your New MacBook Pro Will Stand Out on Your Desktop

If you don’t know, Grovemade is a company based out of Portland Oregon made up of 20 employees who makes products and goods that are meant to be, well… meaningful. A lot of their products are made for the Apple Brand, and after reading reviews of how great they are, I made the decision to get myself one to try out. I opted for the Maple MacBook Dock, a slick, yet minimalistic dock for storing my MacBook when it’s not in use.

Grovemade's Dock for Your New MacBook Pro Will Stand Out on Your Desktop

Made of domestic maple, the dock by Grovemade gives your desktop that slight hint of elegance that while aesthetically pleasing, can be pretty taxing on your wallet. I say that because the two pieces of crafted wood create the dock, which features precision cut resin and wool felt at the base will set you back $79. For that price, you essentially just get a place to dock your MacBook, which to some might be defeating the purpose if it already has something to sit on. But if you’re all about space saving, and want your setup to be as clean as possible, this will certainly do the trick.

Grovemade's Dock for Your New MacBook Pro Will Stand Out on Your Desktop

Although I don’t have a desktop monitor quite yet, the Maple MacBook Dock by Grovemade will serve quite a few functions other than its dock and charge features when I finally decide to make that purchase. My sole intention (and reasoning for getting) the Maple MacBook Dock is for an app that I’ve found myself using more and more recently: Duet Display. When typing up articles, I tend to type from my iPad or MacBook, but when I’m on the go, I go from my iPhone primarily. When I do purchase my external monitor, I plan on using my Macbook Pro as a gateway of displaying my MacBook’s screen to display through the external monitor. Sure, I could leave the MacBook’s monitor open, but it looks much better being able to dock the MacBook while closed, connected to a USB-C cable to connect to the monitor to display whatever I need displayed. This not only makes things flow a bit more seamless with my workflow, but it frees up space on my desk that can used for a notepad, keyboard, amongst other things. And when the MacBook Pro is not in use, it has an elegant, handcrafted dock made of domestic hardwood to sit in when not in use.

Grovemade's Dock for Your New MacBook Pro Will Stand Out on Your Desktop

I will say, that while it does sit fine while in the case that I have for it, it looks as if this dock was made to fit with a naked MacBook Pro. There are others on the market that dock your MacBook the same way at a lesser price, but there’s something about Grovemade’s products that give it that touch of attractiveness you won’t get many other places.

There’s not much you can really change about the Maple MacBook Dock, and it’s certainly a hate-it-or-love-it accessory, but if you are a fan of clean workspaces, or just a fan of wood pieces and need one for your desktop, look no further than the MacBook Dock by Grovemade. Available in Maple or walnut you can buy them directly from Grovemade’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Elegant design and functions to sit anywhere on a desktop

What Needs Improvement: Pricey at $79

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