New TripIt Features Make the Commute to the Airport Much Easier

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TripIt is an essential app on my phone, and it handles virtually all my traveling needs. Recently the company announced a new feature that not only makes the app go from my second home screen to the first but puts the app itself in a far lead against the competition.

New TripIt Features Make the Commute to the Airport Much Easier

The latest feature by TripIt is their new Go Now feature, is the company’s innovative way of telling you when you leave for the airport. Now giving you the ability to adjust the alerts within the app to cater to your travel preference, you can arrive at the airport with as much or as little time as you need prior to your flight. Travel organization has gotten more streamlined thanks to this new feature! Exclusive to TripIt pro users, within 24-hours before any domestic or international flight, you can check Go Now to see a suggested time to leave based on your current location, flight status, and local travel patterns. Obviously traffic changes by the minute, so you should still be checking your local traffic even before you leave the house, which makes this Go Now feature even more awesome.

New TripIt Features Make the Commute to the Airport Much Easier

TripIt even introduced the TripIt Navigator, which gives you virtually any transportation option to get you from point A to point B, from a traditional car, to taxis, to buses if that’s what you’re into. With your notifications turned on, you can get all of the information about estimated times you need to depart with the updated flight screen, you can even get a warning message on your lock screen when it’s almost time to leave.

New TripIt Features Make the Commute to the Airport Much Easier

TripIt is getting better and better with each update, and with the new Go Now feature, you’ll never be caught in a situation where you left the house for your flight too late. For more information, head over to the TripIt website today.

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