Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

It might be easy to dismiss an organization system that keeps track of things you’ve stored as something someone with too much “stuff” would want, something someone who needs to explore the minimalistic lifestyle would need. But you don’t have to be a budding hoarder for the Bluelounge Quick Peek to help you keep track of “what’s in the box.”

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

The idea behind the Bluelounge Quick Peek Smart Storage Labels is that when you need a particular item, but you can’t remember exactly where it was stored or what box it’s in, you can pull up the Quick Peek app, search the database, and immediately know.

Granted, it’s going to take a little bit of setup on your end, but if you put in the effort you’ll have an exact inventory of what’s in storage so that when you need it, you can find it.

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

Whether you are packing boxes for a move, storing winter gear in plastic bins, or perhaps (like me) you need an inventory system for the items you have sitting in your office waiting to be given away or used, Bluelounge Quick Peek can help.

There are two parts to this system: the Quick Peek labels and the Quick Peek iOS app.

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

Available in packs of 32 or 100, each Quick Peek sticker measures 2.5″ by 1.75″. The stickers remind me of postage stamps; they are durable but not waterproof or plastic coated. They’ll stick best to smooth surfaces like cardboard boxes, walls, doors, and cabinets, but you can make them work on other surfaces with a little ingenuity.

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

To get started, you’ll apply a Quick Peek label to the outside of whatever container you are using.

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

Next, you go to the app and create a new box under the “Box List” tab.

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

Then you scan the label to create the new box; you’ll have the opportunity to name the box and set its location.

If you already have items in the box, then you’ll need to pull them all out, because you’re about to snap photos and catalog each thing. If you’ve just created a box, and you’re already “in it (so to speak), you can start snapping photos and adding them to that box’s database. You’ll have the option to name the item, say how many there are, and you can add any notes you need to about the item.

Once you’ve taken photos of each item going into that particular box (or a group photo of everything in the box, if you’d prefer), you’ll always know what’s in there. I like the idea of taking photos of each individual item because that way you can add or remove things from the inventory as the need arises.

So now I’ve got four boxes that have been created and filled.

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

There are several ways to see exactly what’s been inventoried; you can use the app to look through individual boxes, look at items stored in particular rooms, or you can search for the item by name. It’s a really cool system!

The worst part about it is the set-up, but once you’ve taken the time scan and label the boxes and then take the pictures and add information about the contents, having each item perfectly cataloged will save you time and energy when you want to find those items later.

If your mind is already coming up with uses for this system, then you should download the app and take a look at it. The stickers are inexpensive, and after you get into a groove making the databases the whole process is kind of fun.

Happy organizing! 🙂

The Bluelounge Quick Peek Self-Adhesive Visual Organizer sells in sets of 32 for $9.95 and 100 for $24.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Inexpensive stickers; Easy to set up databases according to box and room; Stickers will work on many surfaces

What Needs Improvement: It’s time consuming to make the databases, there’s no way around that 😉

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