Polar A370 Aims to Combine Fitness Tracking with Serious Heart Rate Monitoring in One Small Package

When it comes to heart rate training and sports, there’s Polar and then there’s everyone else. Polar has long been the gold standard for heart rate based training, and they’re extending that expertise into the world of all-day tracking as well with the Polar A370!Polar A370 Aims to Combine Fitness Tracking with Serious Heart Rate Monitoring in One Small Package

The Polar A370 is the next iteration of Polar’s fitness trackers, but it packs a ton more heart rate, sleep and activity tracking than its predecessors. It has all the features you would expect from a fitness tracker, with basic smartphone notifications, activity tracking, etc. It also continuously checks your heart rate, so you can get a much fuller picture of your activity levels and efforts all day long. Basically, instead of checking on demand or on a certain schedule, the A370 constantly watches your heart rate, so if you push harder it knows immediately, instead of missing it if the spike fell between interval checks. This increases accuracy, which can increase how accurate the fitness and activity measurements truly are (in other words, even if it picks up steps because you’re typing or driving, if your heart rate is level, the Polar A370 will assume these aren’t as intense as if you’re briskly walking the dog and raising your heart rate along with the steps).

It also monitors your sleep and gives you customized reports on how much rest you’re getting, which is key to improving your athletic performance; after all, rest is when you actually improve since that is when your body heals from the workout itself! Polar isn’t listing projected battery life, but they will be offering interchangeable bands so you can match the tracker to your outfit or your favorite running shoes.Finally, the A370 is also waterproof and suitable for swimming based on Polar’s video:

The Polar A370 will be $179.95 and ships in June 2017. No word on whether wearing it will make you as pretty while sweating as the models in the promotional video, though.

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  1. Willie Whitley | August 27, 2017 at 7:05 pm |

    Polar’s new A370 fitness-tracking wristband is a course correction from its predecessor, the A360, which was lacking in a few key areas.

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