Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

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We are in grilling, swimming, and outside season. Never miss a game during a BBQ or neglect to watch a movie under the stars with SunBriteTV, the outdoor television. SunBriteTV is made to handle outdoor use and offers three levels of protection which can fit anyone’s needs and price range. 

SunBriteTV offers three levels of televisions depending on user’s needs. Each level up will provide a bit more protection from the elements.


  • Application: Full shade
  • 4K UHD screen with direct LED backlight (HDCP 2.2 compliant)
  • Up to 30% brighter than indoor TVs
  • Sizes: 43″, 55″, 65″

The Veranda line is to be used on covered patios or any other are that utilizes full shade. Prices range from $1,499-$3,499.


  • Application: Partial sun/high ambient light
  • Commercial-grade, anti-glare 4K screen
  • Up to 3X brighter than indoor TVs
  • Sizes: 43″, 55″, 65″

The Signature line is made for partial sun such as under a pergola. Great for day or night viewing. Prices range from $2,799-$7,999.


  • Application: Full sun/direct sunlight and active environments
  • Commercial-grade, anti-glare, heat-resistant screen
  • Up to 3X brighter than indoor TVs
  • Sizes: 32″, 42″, 49″, 55″, 84″

Completely weatherproof for the harshest environments, it includes more sizing options including 4K 84″. Prices range from $3,295-$24,995.

Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

The folks at SunBriteTV sent me the 43″ Veranda model ($1,499) to test for a couple of weeks. At first look, the television looks like just about every other TV on the market but taking a closer look will change that perspective. The entire TV is made with metal parts and is virtually sealed from the elements. While the weight is not ridiculous, the unit is definitely made with high-quality materials. Everything other than the screen is made of rugged metal and is quite impressive.

Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

When I first decided to accept the review of the SunBriteTV, I figured there would be some trade-offs since the TVs are made for the outdoors. The first thing I looked at were the connections. To my surprise, there is a full array of options when connecting to your media. Definitely, no trade-off found here.

Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

The connections are protected by a lockable door that is completely sealed. Two nobs screw the door down and a rubber gasket protects the insides. A great feature to this is how the cables are able to run outside the box but the gasket molds around them maintaining the seal. It is a fantastic design.

Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

Once the SunBriteTV is connected to your media source, it really starts to shine. I used an over the air antenna and let the TV search to add the channels. The picture I got from the antenna was breath-taking. Either I have four really basic televisions in my house, or this product is just better because it was really a fantastic image. To my surprise, the colors were bright, the blacks were perfect, and movement was super smooth. All of this was under a tree on my deck during the afternoon. I chose this time because that should be the most difficult time of the day to watch a TV outside. I can assure you, the image quality will impress you no matter the time of day.

Make Your Summer Great with a SunBriteTV

If you are looking for an outdoor television, SunBriteTV has a product that should fit your needs from size to level of sun exposure. The TVs are made of rugged, high quality metal materials and designed to stand up to the elements. Plenty of connection options are included and those connection points are well protected by the sealed door that allows cables to safely come out.

There are no trade-offs with these sets. You get all of the on-screen features any high-quality television includes as well as a full-function remote control. With all of these design features making the TVs safe in the outdoors, they also have unbelievable image quality. If you have a deck or outdoor area where watching TV is needed, take a look at the SunBriteTV line; you will not be disappointed.

Source: Loaned product supplied by the manufacturer

What I like: Excellent build quality to stand up to the elements with fantastic image quality

What can be improved: I only wish I had one to use next to the pool

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